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Current Liberation List
# Song Missing Since Days Since Shows Since Notes
1People People1.26.93109082301teased by Stefan in 2012; never fully played without Peter
2Spotlight10.22.93106392159teased once in 1994 and once in 1997
3Get in Line12.31.94102041920reportedly soundchecked in 1999
4Let You Down6.20.9793021609played by Dave & Tim in 1997; teased by Stefan in 2003 & 2013; played by Dave solo in 2015
5For the Beauty of Wynona9.10.0081241367played by Dave solo in 2002 and by Dave & Tim in 2003
6Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard5.5.0178871335played by Dave & Paul Simon in 2014
7Angel from Montgomery8.26.0177741286played occasionally by Dave & Tim, Dave solo, and Dave with guests; never played by DMB without Boyd
8Mother Father8.26.0177741286
11Dream So Real, A6.21.085283864
12#406.21.085283864teased and partially played occasionally; played by Dave solo on 7.4.15
13Money (That's What I Want)7.26.085248848
14Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)8.30.085213829sister song played by Dave solo on 1.21.14
16Blue Water4.25.094975812played occasionally by Dave & Tim; teased or partially played occasinally by full band (most recently in 2014)
17Melissa9.29.094818735played by Dave & Tim in 2017
18Road6.18.104556697never played without Danny Barnes
19Some Devil7.21.104523680played regularly by Dave solo
20Baby Blue8.27.104486666played by Dave & Tim in 2010 and 2011 and by Dave solo in 2011 and 2012
21Busted Stuff9.3.104479663
22American Baby Intro9.18.114099622lyrics interpolated in Lying in the Hands of God outro since 2018
24Little Thing7.13.123800590played by Dave solo on 11.7.15 and regularly by Dave & Tim
25Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives)5.17.133492556
26True Reflections6.15.133463543played regularly by Boyd with Crystal Garden in 2017; never played without Boyd
27Good Times Bad Times6.29.133449536played by Secret Stash on 8.26.17
28Kit Kat Jam7.26.133422522
29Crazy Easy8.30.133387517
31(Don't Fear) The Reaper9.8.133378511
32American Baby5.30.143114492played by Dave solo on 8.30.20
33Take Me to Tomorrow7.16.143067471played by Dave & Tim in 2015 and by Dave solo in 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2021
34Good Good Time8.29.143023460played by Dave solo regularly in 2015 and twice in 2017
35Slip Slidin' Away8.31.143021458
36Long Black Veil7.8.152710428played by Dave solo in 2015 and by Dave & Tim in 2017
37I Did It7.21.152697421
38Snow Outside9.5.152651410played by Dave & Tim on 7.6.16 and twice partially in 2017
39Down by the River9.9.152647408
40Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)9.11.152645407frequently interpolated, played on 9.3.21 without Carter and Stefan
41Loving Wings10.17.152609400played occasionally by Dave & Tim and Dave solo
42Still Water10.27.152599394
43Out of My Hands6.28.162354360played occasionally by Dave & Tim
44Death on the High Seas7.29.162323344played occasionally by Dave & Tim
45Bismarck8.30.162291339played by Dave & Tim in 2017, 2018, and 2022
46Oh9.2.162288338played regularly by Dave & Tim and Dave solo
47Alligator Pie2.3.181769334played by Dave solo in 2019 and by Dave & Tim in 2020
48Runnin' Down a Dream2.3.181769334
49Black and Blue Bird6.23.181629314
50Virginia in the Rain7.1.181621310played occasionally by Dave & Tim and Dave solo
51Hunger for the Great Light7.27.181595296
52Sleep to Dream Her11.29.181470281
53Belly Belly Nice12.7.181462276
54Kill the King12.8.181461275
55Sweet Emotion12.14.181455272
56Burning Down the House12.15.181454271
57Mercy3.6.191373269played once by Dave and Tim in 2019 and several times by Dave solo
58Help Myself3.10.191369267
60Save Me4.1.191347254played on 9.3.21 without Carter or Stefan
61Stand Up (for It)6.21.191266237
62If I Had It All6.28.191259235
64Smooth Rider8.27.191199215
65Cortez the Killer8.31.191195213
66Fly Like an Eagle10.20.191145197
67Beach Ball2.28.201014196
All Liberated Songs
# Song Missing Since Liberation Date Days Since Shows Since
1Christmas Song12.8.9312.2.981820638
2Maker, The5.30.9412.17.981662556
5Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard11.17.925.5.013091994
7Last Stop, The7.11.996.17.031437243
8Typical Situation8.
9Pay for What You Get7.7.996.18.031442247
10Cry Freedom7.10.996.18.031439245
11Dreaming Tree, The8.6.996.18.031412228
12Maker, The8.
13I'll Back You Up9.
17Christmas Song12.19.9811.29.052537467
20Proudest Monkey9.
21Dreaming Tree, The8.
22Digging a Ditch8.
23Big Eyed Fish8.
24So Right7.
25Pay for What You Get8.
26Last Stop, The8.
27Sleep to Dream Her9.
28Maker, The9.
29Sweet Up and Down7.
30Fool to Think9.
31Long Black Veil8.
33Space Between, The7.
34Sugar Will10.
35Help Myself9.
37Blue Water2.25.954.24.0951721082
38Big Eyed Fish9.
39Busted Stuff5.
40Kit Kat Jam7.
41Hello Again9.
43So Right9.
44Digging a Ditch9.
45Cry Freedom3.
46Still Water8.
48Some Devil8.
49Good Good Time10.
50Last Stop, The9.
51Cortez the Killer10.
52If I Had It All9.
53American Baby Intro11.
54Fool to Think9.
55I Did It9.
56Christmas Song12.
58Break Free9.
59Kill the King7.
61American Baby8.
62Beach Ball5.
63You Never Know7.
64Help Myself8.
65Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives)
66Typical Situation9.
67Little Thing4.30.967.7.1259121167
71Hunger for the Great Light9.
72True Reflections7.
73Space Between, The7.
74Crazy Easy9.
75Kit Kat Jam7.
76Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)
78Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd8.
79Pay for What You Get7.
80I'll Back You Up11.
81Good Good Time7.
83Burning Down the House9.
84Steady As We Go8.
85Maker, The9.
86Cortez the Killer9.
87Down by the River5.
88Smooth Rider7.
89I Did It9.
90Sugar Will3.
91Last Stop, The11.
94Dive In9.
95Break Free9.
96Fool to Think7.
97Time Bomb7.
98Alligator Pie7.
99Runnin' Down a Dream9.
100You Never Know7.
101Stand Up (for It)
102What You Are5.
104Louisiana Bayou7.
105Steady As We Go8.
106Hello Again6.
107Smooth Rider6.
111Time of the Season3.
112Write a Song7.
115Kill the King6.26.1111.27.182711352
116Sweet Emotion7.10.1111.27.182697349
117Sleep to Dream Her5.29.1311.27.182008267
118Cortez the Killer6.10.1511.30.181269158
119Christmas Song6.28.1412.7.181623203
121Help Myself6.
122Sugar Will7.
123Maker, The9.
124If I Had It All5.
125Water into Wine6.
127I'll Back You Up7.
129Drunken Soldier11.
130Sweet Up and Down8.
131Beach Ball7.
132Riff, The7.
133Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd5.
135So Damn Lucky6.
136Hello Again9.
137If Only8.
138When the World Ends6.
139Drive In Drive Out6.
141Rye Whiskey7.
142Christmas Song12.
143Broken Things7.24.1311.5.213026453
144Dive In7.9.1611.5.211945285
145Break for It9.
147Break Free11.
148Dreaming Tree, The8.
149Idea of You7.
150Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)
151Time Bomb8.
152Come On Come On12.
153Sugar Man9.
154Steady As We Go7.
155Pay for What You Get8.
156Fool to Think6.
157Cry Freedom9.
158Eh Hee7.
159Drunken Soldier9.
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