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Live Setlist
Climate Pledge Arena
Seattle, WA

Previous Names:
KeyArena at Seattle Center (Changed after 2018)
Seating Capacity: 17200
Venue Type : Indoor Arena

Total Gigs: 4
  DMB  (2)
  Dave & Friends  (1)
  Dave & Tim  (1)

Longest Performance:
11.04.22 - Seek Up (19:09)
The original Key Arena was located on the grounds of the old Seattle Center Coliseum within the Seattle Center, home of the 1962 World's Fair. The arena was built by the city of Seattle, completed in October 1983 and is considered a "renovation" to the Seattle Center. In addition, the arena incorporated an extensive recycling project which saved $1.5 million each year.

The extensive redevelopment of the historic Seattle Center Arena that began in 2018 features a completely redesigned interior with new clubs and social spaces, all while preserving the history of the site. Additional highlights include a new atrium, pedestrian plaza, and a premium space that offers views of the event floor, atrium and the iconic Space Needle. The complex renovation lifted and suspended a 44 million pound roof over the project site as the arena’s footprint was expanded underground and the walls were rebuilt.

Home of NHL's Seattle Kraken and WNBA's Seattle Storm, Climate Pledge Arena is the first International Living Future Institute Zero Carbon certified professional sports venue in the world. The institute’s Zero Carbon Certification requires 100% of the energy used to operate the building be offset by new renewable energy. In addition, all of the embodied carbon emissions associated with the construction and materials of the project must be disclosed and offset. Zero Carbon Certification is the first worldwide program to independently verify claims about “net zero carbon” and “carbon neutral” buildings.

Aerial Shot
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#411   #41
All Along the Watchtower   1All Along the Watchtower
American Tune 1  American Tune
Ants Marching1   Ants Marching
Anyone Seen the Bridge1   Anyone Seen the Bridge
Baby 1  Baby
Bartender 12 Bartender
Come Tomorrow   1Come Tomorrow
Corn Bread  1 Corn Bread
Crush   1Crush
Cry Freedom 12 Cry Freedom
Dancing Nancies123 Dancing Nancies
Dodo 1  Dodo
Eh Hee  1 Eh Hee
Everyday 12 Everyday
Fire 1  Fire
First Call   1First Call
Granny1   Granny
Gravedigger 123Gravedigger
Grey Blue Eyes 1  Grey Blue Eyes
Grey Street   1Grey Street
Help Myself1   Help Myself
Hey Bulldog 1  Hey Bulldog
I'll Back You Up12  I'll Back You Up
Jimi Thing1  2Jimi Thing
Kill the Preacher   1Kill the Preacher
Lie in Our Graves123 Lie in Our Graves
Louisiana Bayou   1Louisiana Bayou
Madman's Eyes   1Madman's Eyes
Maker, The  12Maker, The
Minarets1   Minarets
Oh, Sister 1  Oh, Sister
Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)  1 Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)
One Sweet World   1One Sweet World
Recently1   Recently
Rhyme & Reason1   Rhyme & Reason
Satellite1   Satellite
Save Me 12 Save Me
Seek Up   1Seek Up
She   1She
Singing From the Windows   1Singing From the Windows
Sister  1 Sister
Sledgehammer   1Sledgehammer
So Damn Lucky 123So Damn Lucky
So Much to Say1   So Much to Say
Solsbury Hill 1  Solsbury Hill
Some Devil 12 Some Devil
Stay or Leave 123Stay or Leave
Stone, The 1  Stone, The
Tell Me Something Good 1  Tell Me Something Good
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) 1  Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
Too High 1  Too High
Too Much1   Too Much
Tripping Billies1   Tripping Billies
Trouble 1  Trouble
Two Step1  2Two Step
Typical Situation1   Typical Situation
Up and Away 1  Up and Away
Up on Cripple Creek 1  Up on Cripple Creek
Walk Around the Moon   1Walk Around the Moon
Waste 1  Waste
Where Are You Going 12 Where Are You Going
Why I Am   1Why I Am
You Are My Sanity  1 You Are My Sanity
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