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Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood, CA

Seating Capacity: 17383
Venue Type : Outdoor Amphitheater

Total Gigs: 8
  DMB  (8)

Longest Performance:
09.20.22 - Seek Up (20:35)
The Hollywood Bowl is a modern amphitheatre in Hollywood, California, USA, that is used primarily for music performances. It officially opened in 1922 on the site of a natural amphitheatre formerly known as the Daisy Dell, and has been the summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic since then. The Bowl is also home to a second resident ensemble, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

The Hollywood Bowl is well known for its band shell, a distinctive set of concentric arches that has graced the site since 1929. Popular entertainers including Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Judy Garland have given famous or noteworthy performances under the shell. Cartoon buffs may see a resemblance between the concentric arches of the shell and Porky Pig's backdrop in Th-th-that's all, f-f-folks; it is debatable whether it was intentional (however, the Bowl did make appearances in various Warner Brothers cartoon shorts, at least one DePatie-Freleng Pink Panther cartoon, and a Tom and Jerry cartoon).

Shortly after the end of the 2003 summer season, the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County, which owns the Hollywood Bowl (seating capacity 17,383), replaced the 1929 shell with a new, somewhat larger, acoustically improved shell, which had its debut in the 2004 summer season. Preservationists fiercely opposed the demolition for many years, citing the shell's storied history. However, even when it was built it was (at least acoustically) only the third-best shell in the Bowl's history, behind its two immediate predecessors (which were designed by Lloyd Wright, the son of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright). By the late 1970s the Hollywood Bowl became an acoustic liability because of continued hardening of its transite skin. The new shell incorporates design elements of not only the 1929 shell, but of both the Lloyd Wright shells. During the 2004 summer season, the sound steadily improved, as engineers learned to work with its live acoustics.

2301 N. Highland Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90068

Aerial Shot
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#34  1     #34
#41  12 34 #41
Again and Again     1  Again and Again
All Along the Watchtower    1R  All Along the Watchtower
Alligator Pie   1    Alligator Pie
American Baby Intro  1     American Baby Intro
Ants Marching12 3 F5 Ants Marching
Anyone Seen the Bridge 1      Anyone Seen the Bridge
Bartender 1      Bartender
Belly Belly Nice    1   Belly Belly Nice
Best of What's Around, The1       Best of What's Around, The
Black Water P      Black Water
Can't Stop1       Can't Stop
Come On Come On     1  Come On Come On
Corn Bread 123    Corn Bread
Crash into Me1  2 3  Crash into Me
Crush  1    2Crush
Dancing Nancies1      2Dancing Nancies
Don't Drink the Water  12 34 Don't Drink the Water
Dream So Real, A  1     Dream So Real, A
Dreamgirl12      Dreamgirl
Dreaming Tree, The    1   Dreaming Tree, The
Drive In Drive Out       1Drive In Drive Out
Eh Hee 12 3   Eh Hee
Everyday12 3 4  Everyday
Exodus  1     Exodus
Fool in the Rain      1 Fool in the Rain
Fool to Think       1Fool to Think
Gaucho    1   Gaucho
Grace Is Gone 1      Grace Is Gone
Gravedigger    1   Gravedigger
Grey Street  1 2 3 Grey Street
Here on Out     1  Here on Out
Hunger for the Great Light1       Hunger for the Great Light
Idea of You  1     Idea of You
If Only    1  2If Only
Jimi Thing 1 2345 Jimi Thing
Kill the Preacher      1 Kill the Preacher
Lie in Our Graves  1     Lie in Our Graves
Louisiana Bayou12   3 4Louisiana Bayou
Lover Lay Down      1 Lover Lay Down
Loving Wings1       Loving Wings
Lying in the Hands of God   1    Lying in the Hands of God
Madman's Eyes       1Madman's Eyes
Maker, The       1Maker, The
Mercy    1   Mercy
Ocean and the Butterfly, The       1Ocean and the Butterfly, The
One Sweet World 1   2  One Sweet World
Pantala Naga Pampa 1      Pantala Naga Pampa
Pig1  2    Pig
Rapunzel 1      Rapunzel
Raven    1   Raven
Riff, The    1 2 Riff, The
Rooftop    1  2Rooftop
Rye Whiskey      1 Rye Whiskey
Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)     1 2Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)
Satellite 1    2 Satellite
Seek Up       1Seek Up
Seven   12   Seven
Sexy M.F.     P  Sexy M.F.
Shake Me Like a Monkey   1 2  Shake Me Like a Monkey
She     1  She
Shotgun1 2     Shotgun
Sister       1Sister
Sledgehammer     1 2Sledgehammer
Smooth Rider1       Smooth Rider
Snow Outside    1   Snow Outside
So Damn Lucky       1So Damn Lucky
So Much to Say 1      So Much to Say
So Right1       So Right
Some Devil   1    Some Devil
Something to Tell My Baby       1Something to Tell My Baby
Space Between, The    1   Space Between, The
Squirm     12 Squirm
Stairway to Heaven     P  Stairway to Heaven
Stand Up (for It) 1      Stand Up (for It)
Star-Spangled Banner, The    1   Star-Spangled Banner, The
Stay (Wasting Time)  1     Stay (Wasting Time)
Stay or Leave   1  2 Stay or Leave
Steady As We Go      1 Steady As We Go
Stone, The 1 2    Stone, The
Sweet    1 2 Sweet
That Girl Is You     1  That Girl Is You
Time Bomb    1   Time Bomb
Too Much 1      Too Much
Tripping Billies 1     2Tripping Billies
Two Step  123  4Two Step
Walk Around the Moon      1 Walk Around the Moon
Warehouse1 2    3Warehouse
Water into Wine    P   Water into Wine
What Would You Say1    2 3What Would You Say
What You Are      1PWhat You Are
When I'm Weary     1  When I'm Weary
When the World Ends      1 When the World Ends
Where Are You Going1       Where Are You Going
Why I Am   1 23 Why I Am
Write a Song   1    Write a Song
You & Me   12 3 You & Me
You Might Die Trying1 2     You Might Die Trying
You Never Know      1 You Never Know
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