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Live Setlist
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Liberation List: Summer 2024
# Song Missing Since Days Since Shows Since Notes
1People People1.26.93114972420teased by Stefan in 2012; never fully played without Peter
2Spotlight10.22.93112282270teased once in 1994 and once in 1997
3Get in Line12.31.94107932029reportedly soundchecked in 1999
4Let You Down6.20.9798911717played by Dave & Tim in 1997; teased by Stefan in 2003 & 2013; played by Dave solo in 2015
5For the Beauty of Wynona9.10.0087131475played by Dave solo in 2002 and by Dave & Tim in 2003
6Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard5.5.0184761443played by Dave & Paul Simon in 2014
7Mother Father8.26.0183631394
8Angel From Montgomery8.26.0183631394played occasionally by Dave & Tim, Dave solo, and Dave with guests; never played by DMB without Boyd
10Linus and Lucy12.10.0567961110
12#406.21.085872973teased and partially played occasionally; played by Dave solo on 7.4.15
13Dream So Real, A6.21.085872973
14Money (That's What I Want)7.26.085837957
15Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)8.30.085802938sister song played by Dave solo on 1.21.14
17Blue Water4.25.095564921played occasionally by Dave & Tim; teased or partially played occasinally by full band (most recently in 2014)
18Road6.18.105145806never played without Danny Barnes
19Some Devil7.21.105112789played regularly by Dave solo
20Baby Blue8.27.105075775played by Dave & Tim in 2010 and 2011 and by Dave solo in 2011, 2012, and 2023
22Little Thing7.13.124389699played by Dave solo on 11.7.15 and regularly by Dave & Tim
23Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives)5.17.134081665
24True Reflections6.15.134052652played regularly by Boyd with Crystal Garden in 2017; never played without Boyd
25Good Times Bad Times6.29.134038645played by Secret Stash on 8.26.17
26Kit Kat Jam7.26.134011631
27Crazy Easy8.30.133976626
29(Don't Fear) The Reaper9.8.133967620
30American Baby5.30.143703601played by Dave solo on 8.30.20
31Take Me to Tomorrow7.16.143656580played by Dave & Tim in 2015 and occasionally by Dave solo
32Good Good Time8.29.143612569played by Dave solo regularly in 2015 and twice in 2017, and played by Dave & Tim in 2022 and 2023
33Slip Slidin' Away8.31.143610567
34I Did It7.21.153286530never played by DMB without Boyd
35Snow Outside9.5.153240519played by Dave & Tim on 7.6.16 and twice partially in 2017
36Down by the River9.9.153236517
37Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)9.11.153234516frequently interpolated, played on 9.3.21 without Carter and Stefan
38Loving Wings10.17.153198509played occasionally by Dave & Tim and Dave solo
39Still Water10.27.153188503
40Out of My Hands6.28.162943469played occasionally by Dave & Tim
41Death on the High Seas7.29.162912453played occasionally by Dave & Tim
42Oh9.2.162877447played regularly by Dave & Tim and Dave solo
43Alligator Pie2.3.182358443played by Dave solo in 2019 and by Dave & Tim in 2020
44Runnin' Down a Dream2.3.182358443
 Black and Blue Bird6.23.182170397-=LIBERATED on 6.1.24=-
45Sleep to Dream Her11.29.182059390
46Belly Belly Nice12.7.182051385
47Kill the King12.8.182050384
48Sweet Emotion12.14.182044381
49Burning Down the House12.15.182043380
50Mercy3.6.191962378played once by Dave and Tim in 2019 and several times by Dave solo
51Save Me4.1.191936363played on 9.3.21 without Carter or Stefan
 Dreamgirl3.19.191897342-=LIBERATED on 5.28.24=-
52Stand Up (For It)6.21.191855346
53If I Had It All6.28.191848344
54Fly Like an Eagle10.20.191734306
55Beach Ball2.28.201603305played by Dave solo on 4.16.21
56Write a Song8.25.211059217
 Sugar Will9.18.211032192-=LIBERATED on 7.16.24=-
57Time of the Season10.9.211014186
58Rye Whiskey10.9.211014186
Other songs in danger of joining the list by the end of the tour are Dive In (8.4), Broken Things (8.5).
There are 184 total qualifying songs, 121 of which are not currently on the list. Additional qualifying songs are #27, #34, #41, After Everything, Again and Again, All You Wanted Was Tomorrow, American Baby Intro, Ants Marching, Bartender, Best of What's Around, The, Big Eyed Fish, Bismarck, Break for It, Break Free, Brick House, Broken Things, Busted Stuff, Can't Stop, Captain, Cha Cha, Christmas Song, Come On Come On, Come Tomorrow, Corn Bread, Cortez the Killer, Crash Into Me, Crush, Crush, Cry Freedom, Dancing Nancies, Digging a Ditch, Dive In, Do You Remember, Don't Drink the Water, Dreaming Tree, The, Drive In Drive Out, Drunken Soldier, Eh Hee, Everyday, Fool in the Rain, Fool to Think, Grace Is Gone, Granny, Gravedigger, Halloween, Hello Again, Help Myself, Hunger for the Great Light, I Want You (She's So Heavy), Idea of You, If Only, I'll Back You Up, It Could Happen, Joyride, JTR, Last Stop, The, Last Stop, The, Late in the Evening, Let's Dance, Lie in Our Graves, Long Black Veil, Looking for a Vein, Louisiana Bayou, Lover Lay Down, Lying in the Hands of God, Madman's Eyes, Maker, The, Melissa, Monsters, Ocean and the Butterfly, The, One Sweet World, Only Thing, The, Pantala Naga Pampa, Pay for What You Get, Pig, Pig, Proudest Monkey, Raven, Recently, Rhyme & Reason, Riff, The, Rooftop, Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin), Satellite, Say Goodbye, Seek Up, Seven, She, Shotgun, Sister, Sledgehammer, Smooth Rider, So Much to Say, So Right, Spaceman, Spoon, Squirm, Stay (Wasting Time), Stay or Leave, Steady As We Go, Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd, Stone, The, Straight Shot, Sugar Man, Sweet, Sweet Up and Down, That Girl Is You, Time Bomb, Too Much, Tripping Billies, Two Step, Typical Situation, Virginia in the Rain, Warehouse, What You Are, Where Are You Going, Why I Am, You & Me, You Might Die Trying, You Might Die Trying, You Never Know.
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