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Live Setlist
Tour:SummaryShowsSongsGuestsSlotsLiberationsSong Chart
 6/17/2003 Too Much Tripping Billies Grace Is Gone Pig 
 6/18/2003 Granny What You Are Stone, The Ants Marching 
 6/20/2003 Stay (Wasting Time) Tripping Billies Grace Is Gone Grey Street 
 6/21/2003 Don't Drink the Water Stay (Wasting Time) Maker, The Two Step 
 6/23/2003 What Would You Say Too Much Cry Freedom What You Are 
 6/24/2003 Stone, The Tripping Billies I'll Back You Up Two Step 
 6/26/2003 Crush Rapunzel Typical Situation Stay (Wasting Time) 
 6/27/2003 What Would You Say Two Step Grace Is Gone What You Are 
 6/29/2003 Pig Tripping Billies Maker, The Stay (Wasting Time) 
 6/30/2003 Stone, The Ants Marching Digging a Ditch What You Are 
 7/2/2003 Don't Drink the Water Stay (Wasting Time) Best of What's Around, The Two Step 
 7/3/2003 Pig Rapunzel Blue Water Typical Situation What You Are
 7/5/2003 Grey Street Two Step Maker, The Rapunzel 
 7/6/2003 Don't Drink the Water Stay (Wasting Time) Digging a Ditch What You Are 
 7/9/2003 Stone, The Stay (Wasting Time) Grace Is Gone Ants Marching 
 7/10/2003 Don't Drink the Water Too Much So Much to Say Rapunzel 
 7/12/2003 What Would You Say Stay (Wasting Time) Grace Is Gone What You Are 
 7/13/2003 Ants Marching Tripping Billies Maker, The Two Step 
 7/15/2003 Don't Drink the Water All Along the Watchtower Cry Freedom What You Are 
 7/16/2003 Everyday Rapunzel Digging a Ditch Two Step 
 7/18/2003 Don't Drink the Water Too Much Maker, The All Along the Watchtower 
 7/19/2003 Satellite Two Step Digging a Ditch So Much to Say Rapunzel
 7/21/2003 So Much to Say All Along the Watchtower Maker, The What You Are 
 7/22/2003 Too Much Two Step Digging a Ditch Tripping Billies 
 7/24/2003 Stone, The Rapunzel Long Black Veil What You Are 
 7/26/2003 Everyday All Along the Watchtower Digging a Ditch Stay (Wasting Time) 
 7/27/2003 So Much to Say What You Are Gravedigger Maker, The Tripping Billies
 7/29/2003 Don't Drink the Water Ants Marching Long Black Veil Stay (Wasting Time) 
 7/30/2003 Best of What's Around, The Rapunzel Digging a Ditch All Along the Watchtower 
 8/1/2003 Stone, The Stay (Wasting Time) Long Black Veil Tripping Billies 
 8/2/2003 Crush Rapunzel Maker, The What You Are 
 8/4/2003 Don't Drink the Water Rapunzel Too Much Stay (Wasting Time) 
 8/5/2003 #41 What You Are Stone, The Tripping Billies 
 8/7/2003 Crush Rapunzel Minarets Stay (Wasting Time) 
 8/8/2003 I Did It Tripping Billies Last Stop, The Grey Street 
 8/24/2003 Don't Drink the Water Stay (Wasting Time) Grey Street What You Are 
 8/25/2003 Stone, The Tripping Billies Maker, The Two Step 
 8/27/2003 Everyday All Along the Watchtower Best of What's Around, The Tripping Billies 
 8/28/2003 So Much to Say Two Step Ants Marching What You Are 
 8/30/2003 When the World Ends All Along the Watchtower Where Are You Going Tripping Billies 
 8/31/2003 Everyday Two Step Recently Stay (Wasting Time) 
 9/2/2003 Stone, The Rapunzel Sleep to Dream Her Tripping Billies 
 9/3/2003 When the World Ends Stay (Wasting Time) Maker, The All Along the Watchtower 
 9/5/2003 Grey Street Two Step Everyday Too Much 
 9/6/2003 Stay (Wasting Time) Ants Marching Maker, The Tripping Billies 
 9/8/2003 When the World Ends Two Step Stone, The What You Are 
 9/9/2003 Ants Marching All Along the Watchtower Spoon Tripping Billies 
 9/11/2003 Seek Up All Along the Watchtower Two Step  
 9/13/2003 Stay (Wasting Time) All Along the Watchtower Too Much What You Are 
 9/14/2003 Don't Drink the Water Stay (Wasting Time) Spoon Two Step 
 9/16/2003 Ants Marching All Along the Watchtower Typical Situation Tripping Billies 
 9/17/2003 What Would You Say Rapunzel Ants Marching Stay (Wasting Time) 
 9/19/2003 #41 Two Step Where Are You Going What You Are 
 9/20/2003 Don't Drink the Water Stay (Wasting Time) Where Are You Going All Along the Watchtower 
 9/24/2003 Don't Drink the Water All Along the Watchtower Grey Street What You Are Stay (Wasting Time)
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