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 5/18/2018 Come Tomorrow Stand Up (for It) You & Me Grey Street 
 5/19/2018 Do You Remember Ants Marching Granny Crush Tripping Billies
 5/22/2018 Squirm Stand Up (for It) Warehouse Rapunzel 
 5/26/2018 That Girl Is You Ants Marching Why I Am Tripping Billies 
 5/29/2018 That Girl Is You Ants Marching Don't Drink the Water Grey Street 
 5/30/2018 Come Tomorrow Stand Up (for It) Stay (Wasting Time)  
 6/1/2018 That Girl Is You Rapunzel Sister What Would You Say Louisiana Bayou
 6/2/2018 Do You Remember Ants Marching You & Me Stay (Wasting Time) 
 6/5/2018 That Girl Is You Rapunzel You & Me Louisiana Bayou 
 6/6/2018 One Sweet World You Might Die Trying Sister Ants Marching 
 6/7/2018 That Girl Is You Louisiana Bayou Smooth Rider Rapunzel 
 6/9/2018 Don't Drink the Water Louisiana Bayou   
 6/12/2018 Again and Again Louisiana Bayou Sister Rapunzel 
 6/13/2018 That Girl Is You Ants Marching Space Between, The Grey Street 
 6/15/2018 That Girl Is You You Might Die Trying Sister Grey Street 
 6/16/2018 Again and Again Ants Marching Digging a Ditch Rapunzel 
 6/22/2018 Again and Again Ants Marching Stay (Wasting Time)  
 6/23/2018 That Girl Is You Louisiana Bayou Space Between, The Tripping Billies 
 6/27/2018 Again and Again Tripping Billies Ants Marching  
 6/29/2018 Do You Remember Jimi Thing Why I Am Grey Street 
 6/30/2018 That Girl Is You Ants Marching Rapunzel Stay (Wasting Time) 
 7/1/2018 Again and Again Louisiana Bayou Jimi Thing  
 7/6/2018 Do You Remember Jimi Thing Space Between, The Too Much 
 7/7/2018 That Girl Is You Two Step Come On Come On Ants Marching 
 7/10/2018 Big Eyed Fish Ants Marching Space Between, The Tripping Billies 
 7/11/2018 So Much to Say Ants Marching Do You Remember Rapunzel 
 7/13/2018 Come Tomorrow Ants Marching Some Devil Pig Don't Drink the Water
 7/14/2018 Again and Again Rapunzel Sister Two Step 
 7/15/2018 Don't Drink the Water Ants Marching Some Devil So Much to Say Tripping Billies
 7/17/2018 JTR Ants Marching Digging a Ditch Stay (Wasting Time) 
 7/18/2018 Do You Remember Tripping Billies Grey Street  
 7/20/2018 Everyday Ants Marching Sister Grey Street 
 7/21/2018 Do You Remember All Along the Watchtower Space Between, The Stay (Wasting Time) 
 7/24/2018 Do You Remember Don't Drink the Water Come On Come On Pig All Along the Watchtower
 7/25/2018 One Sweet World Jimi Thing Some Devil So Right Grey Street
 7/27/2018 Do You Remember Ants Marching Come Tomorrow Stay (Wasting Time) 
 7/28/2018 That Girl Is You Grey Street Some Devil Come Tomorrow Rapunzel
 7/29/2018 One Sweet World Ants Marching Sister Shake Me Like a Monkey 
 8/24/2018 Do You Remember Rapunzel Granny Stay (Wasting Time) 
 8/25/2018 That Girl Is You Ants Marching Some Devil Tripping Billies 
 8/28/2018 That Girl Is You Ants Marching Space Between, The Rapunzel 
 8/31/2018 Pig Rapunzel Come Tomorrow You Might Die Trying 
 9/1/2018 That Girl Is You Stay (Wasting Time) You & Me Grey Street 
 9/2/2018 One Sweet World Ants Marching Butterfly All Along the Watchtower Corn Bread
 9/7/2018 Satellite Ants Marching Why I Am Rapunzel 
 9/8/2018 Do You Remember Ants Marching Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin) Shake Me Like a Monkey 
 9/10/2018 One Sweet World Ants Marching Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin) Why I Am All Along the Watchtower
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