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 10/26/1998 Tripping Billies Ants Marching Crash into Me All Along the Watchtower
 10/27/1998 Don't Drink the Water Tripping Billies Ants Marching 
 10/29/1998 Seek Up Ants Marching Two Step Tripping Billies
 10/30/1998 Two Step Tripping Billies All Along the Watchtower 
 10/31/1998 Don't Drink the Water Too Much Crash into Me All Along the Watchtower
 11/2/1998 Seek Up Tripping Billies I'll Back You Up Too Much
 11/3/1998 Don't Drink the Water Halloween Crash into Me Ants Marching
 11/4/1998 Last Stop, The Too Much All Along the Watchtower 
 11/5/1998 Two Step Tripping Billies I'll Back You Up Ants Marching
 11/7/1998 Seek Up Too Much I'll Back You Up Ants Marching
 11/9/1998 Warehouse Two Step I'll Back You Up Ants Marching
 11/11/1998 Don't Drink the Water Ants Marching I'll Back You Up Tripping Billies
 11/14/1998 Rapunzel Ants Marching I'll Back You Up All Along the Watchtower
 11/16/1998 Seek Up Tripping Billies I'll Back You Up All Along the Watchtower
 11/17/1998 Satellite Ants Marching Crash into Me Tripping Billies
 11/19/1998 Rapunzel Too Much I'll Back You Up Tripping Billies
 11/20/1998 Last Stop, The Too Much Satellite Tripping Billies
 11/21/1998 Seek Up Tripping Billies Spoon #41
 11/28/1998 Seek Up Tripping Billies Satellite Two Step
 11/30/1998 Last Stop, The Two Step I'll Back You Up Warehouse
 12/1/1998 Seek Up Tripping Billies Lover Lay Down All Along the Watchtower
 12/2/1998 Seek Up Tripping Billies Christmas Song Two Step
 12/3/1998 Jimi Thing Rapunzel I'll Back You Up All Along the Watchtower
 12/5/1998 Warehouse Drive In Drive Out Christmas Song Tripping Billies
 12/7/1998 Recently Lie in Our Graves Christmas Song Halloween
 12/8/1998 Seek Up Tripping Billies I'll Back You Up Last Stop, The
 12/10/1998 Don't Drink the Water Two Step Christmas Song Tripping Billies
 12/11/1998 Two Step All Along the Watchtower So Much to Say Too Much
 12/13/1998 Best of What's Around, The Stay (Wasting Time) Christmas Song Two Step
 12/14/1998 Rapunzel Tripping Billies Christmas Song Crash into Me
 12/15/1998 Lie in Our Graves Tripping Billies Christmas Song Halloween
 12/17/1998 Rapunzel Ants Marching Christmas Song Tripping Billies
 12/18/1998 Don't Drink the Water Stay (Wasting Time) I'll Back You Up Ants Marching
 12/19/1998 Last Stop, The Too Much Christmas Song All Along the Watchtower
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