the dave matthews band tour almanac
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Guest NameInstrument
Rashawn Rosstrumpet, flugelhorn
Ben Golder-Novicksaxophone
Trey Anastasioguitar and vocals
Aaron Nevillevocals
Cyro Baptistapercussion
James Caseysaxophone
Jennifer Hartswicktrumpet
Natalie Cressmantrombone
Ray Paczkowskikeyboard
Russ Lawtondrums
Tony Markellisbass
Tim Reynoldsguitar, vocals
Carlos Maltaflute/saxophone
Béla Fleckbanjo
Antonio Sánchezdrums
Matt Brewerbass
Brandi Carlilevocals, guitar
Jeff Coffinsaxophone
Robert Randolphpedal steel guitar
Chad Smithdrums
Eddie Veddervocals, guitar
Josh Klinghofferguitar
Mike McCreadyguitar
Phil Hanserothbass
Tim Hanserothguitar
Will Ferrellcowbell
Buddy Strongkeyboards
Captain Kirkelectric guitar
Damon Brysonsousaphone
David Guytrumpet
Ian Hendrickson-Smithsaxophone
James Poyserkeyboards
Kamal Graykeyboards
Mark Kelleybass
Stro Elliotprogramming, sampling
Brad Paisleyelectric guitar, vocals
Duff McKaganbass
Chris Martinpiano, vocals
Bandmember NameInstrument
Dave SoloGuitar and Vocals
Dave Matthewsguitar and vocals
Dave and TimGuitar and Vocals
Carter Beauforddrums
Stefan Lessardbass
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845461Dave SoloGuitar and VocalsTrueds83
845511Dave Matthewsguitar and vocalsTrue155
84551127Rashawn Rosstrumpet, flugelhornFalse12739
845526394Ben Golder-NovicksaxophoneFalse63949
84556117Trey Anastasioguitar and vocalsFalse1174
84557379Aaron NevillevocalsFalse3793
845579397Cyro BaptistapercussionFalse93973
84557353James CaseysaxophoneFalse3533
845579393Jennifer HartswicktrumpetFalse93933
845579396Natalie CressmantromboneFalse93963
84557115Ray PaczkowskikeyboardFalse1153
845579394Russ LawtondrumsFalse93943
845579395Tony MarkellisbassFalse93953
84566 Dave and TimGuitar and VocalsTruedt105
8457220Tim Reynoldsguitar, vocalsFalse2058
84577287Carlos Maltaflute/saxophoneFalse28711
845819Béla FleckbanjoFalse94
845839405Antonio SánchezdrumsFalse94052
845839406Matt BrewerbassFalse94062
84626341Brandi Carlilevocals, guitarFalse3413
846642Carter BeauforddrumsTrue233
8466410Jeff CoffinsaxophoneFalse1033
8466475Stefan LessardbassTrue7541
84673100Robert Randolphpedal steel guitarFalse1001
84685383Chad SmithdrumsFalse3839
84685148Eddie Veddervocals, guitarFalse1481
846859407Josh KlinghofferguitarFalse94078
84685333Mike McCreadyguitarFalse3339
846859409Phil HanserothbassFalse94091
846859408Tim HanserothguitarFalse94081
84685382Will FerrellcowbellFalse3823
8804310410Buddy StrongkeyboardsFalse1041012
88044110Captain Kirkelectric guitarFalse1101
88044173Damon BrysonsousaphoneFalse1731
8804411414David GuytrumpetFalse114141
8804411415Ian Hendrickson-SmithsaxophoneFalse114151
8804411412James PoyserkeyboardsFalse114121
8804411413Kamal GraykeyboardsFalse114131
8804411416Mark KelleybassFalse114161
8804411417Stro Elliotprogramming, samplingFalse114171
9345812426Brad Paisleyelectric guitar, vocalsFalse124266
93458384Duff McKaganbassFalse3848
9345912427Chris Martinpiano, vocalsFalse124273