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Live Setlist
Tour:SummaryShowsSongsGuestsSlotsLiberationsSong Chart
 1/19/1993 Rhyme & Reason Two Step  Halloween Ants Marching Warehouse   
 1/20/1993 One Sweet World Blue Water  Christmas Song Two Step Ants Marching Recently  
 1/23/1993 Tripping Billies        
 1/26/1993 Best of What's Around, The True Reflections  Seek Up Help Myself Two Step   
 1/27/1993 Spotlight True Reflections  Best of What's Around, The Two Step Minarets Help Myself  
 1/29/1993 Spotlight So Much to Say  One Sweet World Two Step    
 1/30/1993 Best of What's Around, The Recently  True Reflections Typical Situation Granny Song That Jane Likes, The  Pay for What You Get
 2/2/1993 Dancing Nancies So Much to Say  One Sweet World Ants Marching Pay for What You Get What Would You Say  
 2/3/1993 Granny Warehouse  I'll Back You Up All Along the Watchtower Pay for What You Get Minarets Blue Water 
 2/6/1993 Satellite    Recently    
 2/9/1993 Two Step What Would You Say  Drive In Drive Out Lover Lay Down Rhyme & Reason Typical Situation  
 2/10/1993 Two Step Pay for What You Get       
 2/11/1993 All Along the Watchtower What Would You Say  Song That Jane Likes, The Typical Situation Lie in Our Graves Warehouse  
 2/16/1993 Dancing Nancies True Reflections  Warehouse     
 2/17/1993 Minarets What Would You Say  Warehouse Two Step Halloween Tripping Billies  
 2/25/1993 Seek Up Jimi Thing  Satellite     
 2/26/1993 One Sweet World Rhyme & Reason  Tripping Billies     
 2/27/1993 One Sweet World So Much to Say  Lie in Our Graves     
 3/1/1993 One Sweet World        
 3/2/1993 Typical Situation Lie in Our Graves  Warehouse     
 3/3/1993 Spotlight Ants Marching  Typical Situation What Would You Say Two Step   
 3/6/1993 One Sweet World Blue Water  Granny Ants Marching Pay for What You Get   
 3/7/1993 Rhyme & Reason    Granny    
 3/9/1993 Granny Ants Marching  Halloween Warehouse Two Step   
 3/10/1993 Warehouse    Recently    
 3/12/1993 Ants Marching All Along the Watchtower  Rhyme & Reason What Would You Say    
 3/16/1993 So Much to Say Halloween  Recently What Would You Say Angel From Montgomery   
 3/17/1993 Two Step Halloween  Warehouse Pay for What You Get Danny Boy Minarets Blue Water 
 3/18/1993 One Sweet World Halloween  Rhyme & Reason Minarets What Would You Say So Much to Say  
 3/20/1993 Rhyme & Reason        
 3/23/1993 Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors True Reflections  Recently Tripping Billies    
 3/24/1993 Tripping Billies Ants Marching  Typical Situation Dancing Nancies    
 3/27/1993 Granny    Warehouse    
 3/30/1993 Dancing Nancies    Recently True Reflections Halloween  
 3/31/1993 Dancing Nancies    Halloween    
 4/1/1993 Jimi Thing    True Reflections    
 4/2/1993 Dancing Nancies Jimi Thing  Two Step Halloween    
 4/7/1993 Typical Situation Granny  Jimi Thing What Would You Say All Along the Watchtower Angel From Montgomery Halloween 
 4/9/1993 Typical Situation What Would You Say  Warehouse Halloween    
 4/10/1993 Typical Situation Ants Marching  All Along the Watchtower Best of What's Around, The    
 4/14/1993 So Much to Say True Reflections  Lie in Our Graves Halloween    
 4/18/1993 One Sweet World    Halloween    
 4/25/1993 Granny    Tripping Billies    
 4/30/1993  Ants Marching  Tripping Billies     
 5/4/1993 Granny    Halloween Seek Up Song That Jane Likes, The  
 5/19/1993 So Much to Say One Sweet World  Typical Situation Jimi Thing Two Step   
 5/21/1993 Minarets Recently  One Sweet World Granny Halloween   
 5/22/1993    Seek Up Halloween    
 5/25/1993 All Along the Watchtower Ants Marching       
 5/27/1993 Recently Seek Up       
 5/31/1993 Recently Ants Marching  Pay for What You Get Warehouse Halloween   
 6/2/1993 Best of What's Around, The Ants Marching  Recently Blue Water Halloween   
 6/9/1993 Minarets        
 6/12/1993 One Sweet World Ants Marching  Typical Situation True Reflections All Along the Watchtower Halloween  
 6/15/1993 Minarets Ants Marching  Typical Situation Tripping Billies Seek Up Granny  
 6/16/1993 Best of What's Around, The Ants Marching  Dancing Nancies True Reflections Cry Freedom   
 6/17/1993    Typical Situation Halloween    
 6/21/1993 Best of What's Around, The Warehouse  All Along the Watchtower Tripping Billies Pay for What You Get Halloween  
 6/22/1993 Seek Up Tripping Billies       
 6/23/1993 Seek Up Tripping Billies  Halloween Ants Marching Jimi Thing   
 6/24/1993 Seek Up Tripping Billies  Warehouse Ants Marching Christmas Song Halloween  
 6/26/1993 Dancing Nancies Tripping Billies  Seek Up Halloween    
 7/6/1993 Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors Christmas Song Warehouse Pay for What You Get Ants Marching Halloween   
 7/7/1993 Rhyme & Reason True Reflections  Warehouse Tripping Billies Christmas Song Halloween  
 7/13/1993 Rhyme & Reason    Tripping Billies Halloween   
 7/14/1993 Any Noise    Recently True Reflections Halloween  
 7/17/1993  Typical Situation  Warehouse     
 7/21/1993 Rhyme & Reason    Ants Marching Recently   
 7/22/1993 Tripping Billies Ants Marching  Warehouse Halloween    
 7/27/1993 Rhyme & Reason Warehouse  Ocean of War     
 8/2/1993     True Reflections All Along the Watchtower   
 8/10/1993 Rhyme & Reason Help Myself  Tripping Billies Halloween    
 8/13/1993 Tripping Billies    Ants Marching    
 8/16/1993 Tripping Billies Ants Marching  Warehouse Dancing Nancies    
 8/17/1993 One Sweet World Warehouse  Ants Marching Halloween    
 8/18/1993 Satellite Recently  Tripping Billies All Along the Watchtower    
 8/19/1993 Satellite All Along the Watchtower  Tripping Billies Best of What's Around, The Christmas Song   
 8/21/1993     Halloween    
 8/28/1993 One Sweet World    Ants Marching    
 8/31/1993 Tripping Billies    Warehouse Spotlight   
 9/1/1993 Redemption Song Dancing Nancies  Doobie Thing Granny Two Step Warehouse  
 9/2/1993 One Sweet World    Dancing Nancies Ants Marching   
 9/3/1993 Satellite True Reflections  Doobie Thing     
 9/8/1993 One Sweet World Recently  Doobie Thing True Reflections Spotlight   
 9/14/1993 Best of What's Around, The        
 9/16/1993 Tripping Billies Warehouse  Doobie Thing True Reflections Halloween   
 9/18/1993 Tripping Billies    Ants Marching    
 9/23/1993  Ants Marching   Recently Dancing Nancies   
 10/1/1993 Any Noise        
 10/3/1993 Doobie Thing    Tripping Billies    
 10/5/1993 So Much to Say        
 10/7/1993 Spotlight Help Myself  "Stefan's Tune" Warehouse Dancing Nancies   
 10/8/1993      All Along the Watchtower   
 10/15/1993 Best of What's Around, The    Recently Jimi Thing All Along the Watchtower  
 10/16/1993 Tripping Billies     True Reflections   
 10/20/1993 Ants Marching    Recently Tripping Billies   
 10/22/1993 Best of What's Around, The    Halloween    
 10/26/1993 Say Goodbye Help Myself  Ants Marching Tripping Billies One Sweet World Halloween  
 10/27/1993 Ants Marching Seek Up  Say Goodbye     
 10/30/1993 Jimi Thing Ants Marching  Minarets Recently Say Goodbye Halloween  
 11/2/1993 Rhyme & Reason Rhyme & Reason  Best of What's Around, The Seek Up Say Goodbye Doobie Thing Ants Marching 
 11/3/1993 Rhyme & Reason Warehouse  Minarets     
 11/5/1993 Granny Tripping Billies  Ants Marching True Reflections All Along the Watchtower Lover Lay Down Recently 
 11/6/1993 One Sweet World Ants Marching  Dancing Nancies Halloween    
 11/9/1993 Minarets    Recently Angel From Montgomery Warehouse  
 11/10/1993 Say Goodbye True Reflections  Tripping Billies Warehouse Christmas Song All Along the Watchtower  
 11/11/1993 One Sweet World    Recently    
 11/12/1993 One Sweet World    Ants Marching    
 11/13/1993 One Sweet World True Reflections  Say Goodbye Seek Up    
 11/16/1993 One Sweet World What Would You Say  Say Goodbye Ants Marching Christmas Song   
 11/17/1993 One Sweet World What Would You Say  Say Goodbye Halloween Ants Marching   
 11/18/1993 One Sweet World Dancing Nancies  Say Goodbye Halloween Ants Marching   
 11/19/1993 One Sweet World Dancing Nancies  Say Goodbye Seek Up Recently   
 11/20/1993 One Sweet World Dancing Nancies  Angel From Montgomery Recently Say Goodbye Ants Marching  
 11/23/1993 Say Goodbye True Reflections  Granny Recently Ants Marching   
 11/24/1993 Tripping Billies   Minarets Halloween Ants Marching   
 11/26/1993 One Sweet World True Reflections  Minarets Warehouse    
 11/27/1993 One Sweet World True Reflections  Minarets Recently Ants Marching   
 11/29/1993 Pay for What You Get Christmas Song  One Sweet World Halloween Say Goodbye Lover Lay Down Ants Marching 
 11/30/1993 Best of What's Around, The    True Reflections Ants Marching   
 12/1/1993 Rhyme & Reason Typical Situation  One Sweet World True Reflections Ants Marching   
 12/2/1993 Rhyme & Reason Dancing Nancies  Ants Marching What Would You Say Halloween   
 12/3/1993 One Sweet World True Reflections  Ants Marching Seek Up    
 12/4/1993 One Sweet World All Along the Watchtower  Ants Marching True Reflections Say Goodbye Angel From Montgomery  
 12/5/1993 One Sweet World Minarets  Ants Marching True Reflections    
 12/7/1993 Drive In Drive Out Dancing Nancies  Say Goodbye Warehouse    
 12/8/1993 Song That Jane Likes, The    Christmas Song Ants Marching   
 12/10/1993 One Sweet World True Reflections  Ants Marching Seek Up Christmas Song Halloween  
 12/11/1993 Route 2    Ants Marching All Along the Watchtower   
 12/28/1993 One Sweet World True Reflections  Minarets Recently Ants Marching   
 12/31/1993 Satellite What Would You Say  Ants Marching Recently Christmas Song Warehouse  
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