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Live Setlist
Tour:SummaryShowsSongsGuestsSlotsLiberationsSong Chart
 5/17/2013 Grey Street Jimi Thing Rooftop Ants Marching   
 5/18/2013 Big Eyed Fish Rapunzel Sister Warehouse Shake Me Like a Monkey  
 5/22/2013 So Right Shake Me Like a Monkey You & Me Two Step   
 5/25/2013 Seek Up What You Are Little Thing Belly Belly Nice Rapunzel  
 5/26/2013 Tripping Billies Two Step Big Eyed Fish Ants Marching   Halloween
 5/28/2013 Tripping Billies Ants Marching Two Step    
 5/29/2013 Warehouse Shake Me Like a Monkey Sister Drunken Soldier What Would You Say  
 5/31/2013 What You Are You Might Die Trying Sister Recently Shake Me Like a Monkey  
 6/1/2013 Dancing Nancies Rapunzel Oh So Much to Say Ants Marching  
 6/6/2013 Tripping Billies Jimi Thing Blue Water So Right Ants Marching  
 6/7/2013 JTR Ants Marching Drunken Soldier All Along the Watchtower   
 6/8/2013 Seek Up Rapunzel Blue Water Two Step   
 6/15/2013 What Would You Say Shake Me Like a Monkey Oh Two Step   
 6/16/2013 Seven Ants Marching Blue Water All Along the Watchtower   
 6/21/2013 Big Eyed Fish Grey Street Sister Best of What's Around, The Ants Marching  
 6/22/2013 You Might Die Trying Shake Me Like a Monkey Drunken Soldier Two Step   
 6/25/2013 Warehouse Jimi Thing Drive In Drive Out Grey Street   
 6/26/2013 Seek Up Too Much Blue Water Drunken Soldier Two Step  
 6/28/2013 Louisiana Bayou Rapunzel #34 Granny So Right Shake Me Like a Monkey 
 6/29/2013 Dreamgirl Halloween Oh Pig Two Step  
 7/2/2013 Sweet Jimi Thing Shake Me Like a Monkey Ants Marching   
 7/3/2013 Best of What's Around, The Rapunzel JTR Louisiana Bayou Ants Marching  
 7/5/2013 Louisiana Bayou Halloween Some Devil Drunken Soldier Rapunzel  
 7/6/2013 Squirm Halloween Dreamgirl Time Bomb Two Step  
 7/9/2013 Louisiana Bayou Jimi Thing Drunken Soldier Ants Marching   
 7/10/2013 Seek Up Louisiana Bayou Oh Ants Marching Halloween  
 7/12/2013 Warehouse Ants Marching Drunken Soldier Rapunzel   
 7/13/2013 Squirm Jimi Thing Runnin' Down a Dream Two Step   
 7/17/2013 Louisiana Bayou Ants Marching Some Devil Grey Street   
 7/19/2013 Big Eyed Fish Halloween Long Black Veil Rapunzel   
 7/20/2013 Squirm Grey Street Oh Two Step   
 7/23/2013 Warehouse Rapunzel Some Devil You Might Die Trying Grey Street  
 7/24/2013 Seven Halloween Shake Me Like a Monkey    
 7/26/2013 You Might Die Trying Rapunzel Space Between, The Granny Shake Me Like a Monkey  
 7/27/2013 Ants Marching Two Step Some Devil Spoon Rapunzel  
 8/23/2013 Louisiana Bayou Shake Me Like a Monkey Oh Ants Marching Halloween  
 8/24/2013 You Might Die Trying Jimi Thing Some Devil Drunken Soldier Two Step  
 8/27/2013 Don't Drink the Water Halloween Drunken Soldier All Along the Watchtower   
 8/30/2013 What Would You Say Shake Me Like a Monkey Sister Ants Marching Halloween Drunken Soldier 
 8/31/2013 Warehouse Jimi Thing Oh Loving Wings Two Step  
 9/1/2013 One Sweet World Rapunzel Some Devil You & Me Grey Street  
 9/4/2013 Louisiana Bayou Don't Drink the Water Kashmir Ants Marching   
 9/6/2013 You Might Die Trying Grey Street Sister Louisiana Bayou Shake Me Like a Monkey  
 9/7/2013 Squirm Rapunzel Save Me Ants Marching Halloween  
 9/8/2013 Louisiana Bayou Grey Street Drunken Soldier Two Step   
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