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Sully Erna  (vocals) (Main Guest Page)
@ Misc 2017
Full Performances: 18
Show Date ()Song Title ()Time  Personnel  Notes
18/26/2017Do Ya   (Stefan Lessard) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played
28/26/2017Train in Vain   (Stefan Lessard) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna 
38/26/2017Walk of Life   (Stefan Lessard) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played
48/26/2017Up on Cripple Creek   (Stefan Lessard) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played by Secret Stash
58/26/2017Sledgehammer   (Stefan Lessard) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played by Secret Stash
68/26/2017Touch of Grey   (Stefan Lessard) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played by Secret Stash
78/26/2017Back in the U.S.S.R.   (Stefan Lessard) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played
88/26/2017Go Your Own Way   (Stefan Lessard) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played
98/26/2017Kiss Me Deadly   (Stefan Lessard) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played
108/26/2017Good Times Bad Times   (Stefan Lessard) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played by Secret Stash
118/26/2017T.N.T.   (Stefan Lessard) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played
128/26/2017Root Down   (Stefan Lessard) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played by Secret Stash
138/26/2017Man in the Box   (Stefan Lessard) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played
148/26/2017Rocket Man   (Stefan Lessard) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played
158/26/2017R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. (A Salute to 60's Rock)   (Stefan Lessard) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played
168/26/2017We're Not Gonna Take It   (Stefan Lessard) (Dee Snider) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played by Secret Stash
178/26/2017I Wanna Rock   (Stefan Lessard) (Dee Snider) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played by Secret Stash
188/26/2017Highway to Hell   (Stefan Lessard) (Dee Snider) (Mike McCready) (Nate Ruess) (Sully Erna first time played by Secret Stash
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