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Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
Bethel, NY

Seating Capacity: 15000
Venue Type : Outdoor Amphitheater

Total Gigs: 4
  DMB  (4)

Longest Performance:
06.30.12 - Seek Up (19:26)
"Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is a $100 million outdoor performing arts center and museum located approximately 90 minutes from New York City at the site of the original 1969 Woodstock festival in Bethel, NY. The 15,000 seat outdoor performing arts venue and The Museum at Bethel Woods are set within nearly 2,000 bucolic acres.

"The Pavilion Stage can accommodate 15,000 guests both under cover and on a natural sloping lawn, while offering unique backdrops including the original festival site and the majesty of the surrounding Sullivan County countryside. Other venues at the center include a 1,000-seat outdoor Terrace Stage, the museum Event Gallery – an intimate indoor space for performance, lectures and special events, and the original Woodstock concert site, which holds a permit for 30,000 concertgoers to attend major musical events. This season marks the 11th anniversary of the Harvest Festival, an annual event celebrating the bounty, talent, and beauty of Sullivan County and the surrounding area.

"The Museum at Bethel Woods explores the unique experience of the Woodstock festival, its significance as a culminating event of a decade of radical cultural transformation, and the legacies of the Sixties and Woodstock today. Through personal stories and profiles, immersive multi-media exhibit displays and experiences, engaging programs, and educational events, The Museum will encourage inter-generational dialogue about important ideas and issues relevant to today. It will also help preserve the historic site on which the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair took place. The Museum at Bethel Woods is an impressive facility with a permanent exhibit space, a special exhibit gallery, Event Gallery and museum retail store.

"Bethel Woods Center for the Arts' mission is to enrich, promote and improve the quality of life in our community through culture, education, history and the arts." [from official site]

200 Hurd Rd.
Bethel, NY 12720

Aerial Shot
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#411   #41
(Don't Fear) The Reaper   1(Don't Fear) The Reaper
All Along the Watchtower 1  All Along the Watchtower
Alligator Pie1   Alligator Pie
Ants Marching 1 2Ants Marching
Bartender 1  Bartender
Belly Belly Nice   1Belly Belly Nice
Big Eyed Fish 1  Big Eyed Fish
Can't Stop 1  Can't Stop
Captain   1Captain
Corn Bread 12 Corn Bread
Crush   1Crush
Don't Drink the Water 1 2Don't Drink the Water
Drunken Soldier   1Drunken Soldier
Eh Hee 12 Eh Hee
Everyday1   Everyday
Funny the Way It Is123 Funny the Way It Is
Gaucho  1 Gaucho
Good Good Time P  Good Good Time
Grace Is Gone  1 Grace Is Gone
Grey Street  1 Grey Street
Idea of You   1Idea of You
If Only  1 If Only
Jimi Thing  12Jimi Thing
Kill the Preacher   PKill the Preacher
Lie in Our Graves 1  Lie in Our Graves
Little Thing  P Little Thing
Louisiana Bayou1  2Louisiana Bayou
Lying in the Hands of God12  Lying in the Hands of God
Maker, The12  Maker, The
Mercy  1 Mercy
Minarets  1 Minarets
Pantala Naga Pampa  1 Pantala Naga Pampa
Pig 1  Pig
Proudest Monkey1 2 Proudest Monkey
Rapunzel  1 Rapunzel
Recently   1Recently
Riff, The  1 Riff, The
Rooftop   1Rooftop
Rye Whiskey1   Rye Whiskey
Satellite1 2 Satellite
Seek Up  1 Seek Up
Seven1 2 Seven
Shake Me Like a Monkey1234Shake Me Like a Monkey
Shotgun1   Shotgun
So Damn Lucky   1So Damn Lucky
So Much to Say  1 So Much to Say
So Right   1So Right
Some Devil 1  Some Devil
Song That Jane Likes, The   1Song That Jane Likes, The
Spaceman1   Spaceman
Squirm12  Squirm
Stay or Leave 1  Stay or Leave
Still Water 1  Still Water
Sweet   1Sweet
Time Bomb12  Time Bomb
Tripping Billies1   Tripping Billies
Two Step1   Two Step
Typical Situation  1 Typical Situation
Warehouse   1Warehouse
What Would You Say   1What Would You Say
Why I Am1   Why I Am
You & Me12  You & Me
You Might Die Trying1   You Might Die Trying
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