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Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Winston-Salem, NC

Seating Capacity: 14407
Venue Type : Auditorium

Total Gigs: 3
  DMB  (2)
  Dave & Tim  (1)

Longest Performance:
12.28.96 - Jimi Thing (13:29)
The New Theatre at The Joel Coliseum provides a distinctively different, upscale, and intimate entertainment experience. Although The Theatre is located inside the arena, it is designed to stand alone as a completely separate venue.

The New Theatre at The Joel Coliseum was created due to the demand for a smaller, more intimate facility. Its manifested capacity of 5,839 is designed to attract artists who wish to perform in a mid-size venue.

The flexibility of The New Theatre at The Joel Coliseum allows for all music genres and endless entertainment possibilities.
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#41 12#41
All Along the Watchtower  1All Along the Watchtower
Ants Marching123Ants Marching
Anyone Seen the Bridge 1 Anyone Seen the Bridge
Bartender  1Bartender
Carter and Fishman Drum Duet   Carter and Fishman Drum Duet
Crash into Me 12Crash into Me
Crush  1Crush
Cry Freedom  1Cry Freedom
Dancing Nancies 12Dancing Nancies
Don't Drink the Water  1Don't Drink the Water
Everyday  1Everyday
Grace Is Gone  1Grace Is Gone
Gravedigger  1Gravedigger
Help Myself  1Help Myself
Improv/Jam   Improv/Jam
Jimi Thing 1 Jimi Thing
Kundalini Bonfire  1Kundalini Bonfire
Lie in Our Graves 12Lie in Our Graves
Little Thing  1Little Thing
Long Black Veil  1Long Black Veil
Los Alamos Is Burning  1Los Alamos Is Burning
Lover Lay Down  1Lover Lay Down
Loving Wings  PLoving Wings
Maker, The  1Maker, The
Minarets 1 Minarets
Porch Song  TPorch Song
Recently1  Recently
Redemption Song  TRedemption Song
Rhyme & Reason12 Rhyme & Reason
Ring of Fire  TRing of Fire
Satellite1 2Satellite
Say Goodbye 1 Say Goodbye
Seek Up 1 Seek Up
So Much to Say 1 So Much to Say
Song That Jane Likes, The 1 Song That Jane Likes, The
Stay or Leave  1Stay or Leave
Stone, The  1Stone, The
Too Much 1 Too Much
Tripping Billies12 Tripping Billies
Two Step123Two Step
Typical Situation 1 Typical Situation
Watermelon Smilin' on the Vine  PWatermelon Smilin' on the Vine
When the World Ends  1When the World Ends
Where Are You Going  1Where Are You Going
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