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O2 Academy, Birmingham
Birmingham, GBR

Previous Names:
Carling Academy Birmingham (Changed after 2008)
Seating Capacity: 2700
Venue Type : Unknown

Total Gigs: 2
  DMB  (1)
  Dave Solo  (1)

Longest Performance:
05.13.06 - Crush (6:24)
The Carling Academy Birmingham is a music venue in Dale End, Birmingham, England that is run by the Academy Music Group.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, it was known as the 'Hummingbird,' and occupies the site of the former Rank Ballroom. The venue was reopened as the Birmingham Academy (in the same group of venues including the Brixton Acedemy) in late 2000, early gigs including Richard Ashcroft and locals Ocean Colour Scene.

It should not be confused with the Academy at the NIA, which is the name given to the nearby NIA when it hosts music events.

The venue features two performance areas. The main section is a larger venue for established acts and holds around 2700 people. It is below street level and surrounded by a mezzanine style balcony level. Upstairs, there is a smaller room known as the 'Academy 2,' which hosts smaller bands playing to audiences of around 400. Both rooms are standing only. The building contains a number of bars, and on certain nights of the week plays host to alternative music based club nights including the renowned "Ramshackle." There is also a monthly record and CD fair that takes place in the venue. The premises immediately next door to the Carling Academy were bought by the Acedemy Music Group in 2001 and opened as 'Bar Academy,' a small bar on two floors, with a stage upstairs for live music. It is also regularly used for after show parties following gigs in the main Carling Academy. It also has it's own regular club nights, including "Cold Rice."

Ajoining the venue is the Priory Square shopping centre, the most notable part of which is the Oasis indoor market, home to a number of independent alternative clothing, jewellery and general paraphenalia sellers. The entire complex (including the Academy) is scheduled for demolition and redevelopment in the near future. Whether the Carling Academy is to be part of these plans remains to be seen.
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#27 1#27
All Along the Watchtower12All Along the Watchtower
Ants Marching 1Ants Marching
Baby Blue 1Baby Blue
Bartender1 Bartender
Big Eyed Fish TBig Eyed Fish
Corn Bread 1Corn Bread
Crash into Me12Crash into Me
Crush1 Crush
Dancing Nancies1 Dancing Nancies
Don't Drink the Water 1Don't Drink the Water
Everyday1 Everyday
Funny the Way It Is 1Funny the Way It Is
Gravedigger1 Gravedigger
Grey Street1 Grey Street
Lie in Our Graves12Lie in Our Graves
Lying in the Hands of God 1Lying in the Hands of God
Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)1 Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)
Proudest Monkey 1Proudest Monkey
Satellite 1Satellite
Save Me1 Save Me
Seek Up 1Seek Up
Seven 1Seven
Shake Me Like a Monkey 1Shake Me Like a Monkey
Sister1 Sister
Smooth Rider1 Smooth Rider
So Damn Lucky1 So Damn Lucky
So Much to Say1 So Much to Say
Some Devil1 Some Devil
Spaceman 1Spaceman
Stay or Leave12Stay or Leave
Time Bomb 1Time Bomb
Too Much1 Too Much
Where Are You Going1 Where Are You Going
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