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Good Good Time (Main Song Page)
7/13/2004 alternate lyrics

Sometimes you find the words you don't wanna say
Find my tongue tied and I
Wonder if maybe everyone could read along
Then I find sometimes
That what I need to say just won't come clear
But I know inside of myself
There is something I need to feel
But oh oh then sometimes I remember
What's the first
Let's dance and have a good time
And hop on to the bus
Girls and freedom does
And we go
Time is good and time is bad
I know that so tonight I'm feeling fine
This, oh this crazy thing
Oh tonight
Come on and have a good, good time tonight
Now you and I, we two
We get to the bottom of this bottle
And dance the evening through
Gooooooood time tonight
Come one, we'll all
Let's talk about the rhythm, the rhythm of this thing
Let's talk, let's talk, hear the angels sing

Oh let's go, I start with that
What'd I say? I will see you
Oh, but like an angel coming through the clouds
That means you saw
She said "oh what's on your mind?"
I said "the weight of the world"
"It doesn't matter if you carry it my friend,
lay it down. Lay it at your feet and walk away,
you'll find the world be as good,
the world be as fucked up anyways"
and so tonight, we have a good, good time.
Lets get it on
Roll up this, roll up that and feel the smoke that's strong enough
Oh oh oh
Can't help but, can't help but, oh oh oh

Oh I don't remember
I know that it stops again
It's a good, good time. A good, good time, good, good time tonight
Thank you for sharing your time with me
Oh this time, oh this time
I got a phone call from a friend, says they're not
Doing too well, not gonna be here too long but
The time we had was good, so I guess I can't complain
But I said to my friend, "man, I'd like to have you for 100 years but
I'll take what I can"
A good, good time tonight, that's what we should have
In case as we're leaving this place
The train comes with our name on it, it's sad.
Roll up, roll out, drink up and dance tonight
'cause maybe we won't ever see each other again
but till next time, it's a good, good time tonight
yeah, it's a good, good time tonight
It's a good, good time tonight.
Good Good Time
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