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Live Setlist
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Live Trax Vol. 4: 4.30.96 - Classic Amphitheatre - Richmond, VA
This was announced on July 16, 2005 and is the Crash album release party.

Limited edition # out of 2000 pressed onto "Firedancer orange" vinyl was released on April 19, 2014 for Record Store Day.

It was made available for order on black vinyl through the Warehouse store on June 18, 2014.

Official Original DMB Release Notes:
2 CD set from 4.30.1996 at the Classic Amphitheatre in Richmond, VA.

4.30.1996 Classic Amphitheatre, Richmond, VA was the show that started the Crash tour. In addition to hearing many new songs for the first time, fans in attendance were the first to hear the new sound system which DMB had recently inherited from the Grateful Dead. This sound system helped to take DMB’s live show experience to the next level. The Richmond show was also the show that marks the introduction of multi-track recording on tour.

Old school fans of Two Step will hear the beginning of the dark side of the song while Jimi Thing fans are going to be completely blown away by the incredible, almost fifteen minute, jam.

The great thing about this show is that one can still hear the raw energy that the live show was known for, but can also start to hear the polish of a veteran band that is completely comfortable in their surroundings.

This release is available as a CD or digital download in MP3 or FLAC format.

The color hex code for the Live Trax Vol. 4 ribbon is #f37022.
Song Title  Time  Personnel  Notes
1Two Step 7:54  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96]
2Say Goodbye 7:20  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96]
3Richmond Jam 6:26  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96] - called "Jam (untitled)" on tracklist
4Too Much 4:52  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96] - scat outro
5So Much to Say 4:42  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96] - Dave counts into the song like on the album
6Crash Into Me 7:13  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96]
7#41 8:11  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96]
8Lie in Our Graves »6:24  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96] - Dave improv spoken word before Boyd's 2nd solo
This Land Is Your Land 0:38  Dave Solo[04.30.96] - chorus only; a cappella
9Jimi Thing 14:25  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96] -  "A Tisket A Tasket," "Linus and Lucy," and "The Temple" interpolations
10Ants Marching 6:47  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96] - snare intro
11Proudest Monkey 10:00  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96]
12Satellite 6:06  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96]
13Cry Freedom 6:00  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96] - Before this song, Dave tells a really cool story about Nelson Mandela and South Africa... a must hear
14Drive In Drive Out 6:03  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96]
15Typical Situation 5:14  Dave Solo[04.30.96]
16Little Thing 7:01  Carter, Dave, Stefan[04.30.96] - Dave stops to retune his guitar during the story (most of this is cut from the official release)
17All Along the Watchtower 5:28  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96]
18Tripping Billies 5:15  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[04.30.96] - Nature intro
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