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Live Setlist
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Live Trax Vol. 37: 11.11.92 - Trax - Charlottesville, VA
Announced February 25, 2016.

After much research - mostly with information not available until after the show's release and from the show's audio - we have concluded that this show actually occurred on November 10, 1992.

Although the official release of this show is dated November 11, 1992, that date is a Wednesday, and this show is clearly at Trax, where the band usually played on Tuesdays. It's possible that they played out of town this night and played their usual Trax show on Wednesday night instead. However, it would be more likely that they'd just cancel their Trax gig that week and play in Richmond on Wednesday like usual. In 2019, Charlottesville's It's a Music Town exhibit went up, and it included the Trax booking calendar from November 1992, which lists DMB as playing Trax on the expected Tuesday, November 10, and the Flood Zone on Wednesday, November 11. A remark about the full moon at the beginning of Two Step further solidifies November 10 as the correct date. It is likely that the band archive's tape is simply misdated, leading to the incorrect date being printed on the official release.

The release date was originally April 8 but was pushed back on April 1 to April 15, 2016. The first set was unknown until the release.

This is the first and only (as of 2023) fully mixed multi-track concert from the Peter Griesar era. Flat soundboard recordings from the era would have Peter's all-electronic sound mixed louder, as the natural sound from the rest of the band required lower volume in the soundboard mix and translated to tapes that way. This is likely the closest sound to what the band truly sounded like in the building in the early '90s.

Official Original DMB Release Notes:

By November 1992, Dave Matthews Band had been performing together for just over a year. While the band had consistently made board tapes of their weekly Trax appearances, this show, recorded by John Alagia, is the very first live DMB multitrack recording.

This recording captures the freshness of the young band as they further define an already-strong approach to stage and delivery. With a 22-song set, including only 1 cover, Dave Matthews Band’s catalog was already extensive, even in the early stages of their career. The setlist contains now-classic DMB staples, such as the set-opening “The Song That Jane Likes,” “Two Step,” and “What Would You Say,” as well as THE now-retired “Spotlight.” Original founding member, Peter Griesar, plays keys throughout the show and harmonica on “So Much To Say,” and a very vocal LeRoi goads Boyd to jam freely on his violin, keeping the energy high through the encore of this must-have show.

Please note - Live Trax Vol. 37 is available for pre-order and will be released on April 8, 2016. Pre-orders will ship on or around April 5.

The color hex code for the Live Trax Vol. 37 ribbon is #ef3a41.
Song Title  Time  Personnel  Notes
1The Song That Jane Likes 4:11  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92]
2The Best of What's Around 7:26  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92]
3Help Myself 4:51  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92] - introduced as "Desperate Hours"
4Dancing Nancies 7:35  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92]
5Lover Lay Down 7:54  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Peter, Roi[11.10.92]
6True Reflections 6:24  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92]
7Minarets 5:57  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92]
8So Much to Say 4:51  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92] - harmonica intro
9Recently 12:15  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92] - Norwegian Wood and some do/some don't intros; Na-Na Hey-Hey Goodbye interpolation
10Angel From Montgomery 4:52  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92]
11Two Step 16:13  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92] - ABC interpolation
12Halloween 5:25  Carter, Dave[11.10.92] - Carter intro
13Pay for What You Get 4:15  Carter, Dave[11.10.92]
14Lie in Our Graves 4:16  Carter, Dave, Boyd, Roi[11.10.92] - Dance Away outro
15Spotlight 5:54  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92]
16One Sweet World 5:11  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92] - truncated instrumental intro
17Satellite 4:43  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92]
18Ants Marching 5:15  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92] - Also Sprach Zarathustra intro
Improv/Jam 3:51  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92]
Improv/Jam 3:29  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92] - a second Boyd-led jam after other band members urge him to play more
19Jimi Thing 10:28  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92] - introduced as "Boyd's Thing"
20What Would You Say 4:43  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92]
21Tripping Billies 4:33  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92] - Nature intro
22Warehouse 7:53  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Peter, Roi[11.10.92]
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