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Live Setlist
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Live Trax Vol. 34: 6.24.99 - Deer Creek Music Center - Noblesville, IN
Announced June 10, 2015.

This is one of the few Live Trax releases to contain bonus tracks as filler on the proper release, not a separate bonus disc.

Official Original DMB Release Notes:
In 2015 DMB will play their 35th show at Klipsch Music Center, making it their third most visited amphitheatre. We are pleased to announce June 24, 1999 as the 34th volume of the Live Trax series and celebrate this essential Summer Tour stop. This is the first show released from the venue formally called Deer Creek Music Center and closes the three-night run. This is also the first Live Trax release of the 1999 Summer Tour, which featured the still recent Before These Crowded Streets repertoire mixed with deeper cuts from the catalog.

Opening with an older run of songs highlighted by LeRoi Moore's stunning work on Jimi Thing, The Best of What's Around and Proudest Monkey, the band shift into the dark Daniel Lanois cover For the Beauty of Wynona - one of the last full band versions and released only once before in the Live Trax series. The show's climax begins with a version of Granny with Dave singing unique improvised lyrics before an abruptly-ended Warehouse and set closing Ants Marching. Following an expanded version of Typical Situation, Dave takes Drive In, Drive Out to another level of intensity that just has to be heard; a perfect encore to end a fantastic run at Deer Creek.

We have selected a third disc of bonus material from June 22 and 23, 1999 at Deer Creek that includes songs that had then been recently reinserted into set lists such as Cry Freedom and #40. The package concludes with a version of The Last Stop that you won't be able turn up loud enough.

Please Note: This item is available for pre-order. CDs will ship on or around July 14th. Downloads will be available July 17th.

The color hex code for the Live Trax Vol. 34 ribbon is #dca062.
Song Title  Time  Personnel  Notes
1One Sweet World 5:58  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.24.99] - no intro
2Jimi Thing 14:29  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.24.99]
3The Best of What's Around 5:59  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.24.99]
4Proudest Monkey »8:29  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.24.99]
5Satellite 5:20  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.24.99]
6For the Beauty of Wynona 5:57  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.24.99]
7Crush 10:57  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.24.99]
8Dancing Nancies 10:21  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.24.99]
9The Song That Jane Likes 4:40  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.24.99]
10Too Much 4:45  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.24.99]
11Granny 5:02  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.24.99]
12Warehouse 8:24  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.24.99] - stop-time intro; failed segue into Ants
13Ants Marching 8:43  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.24.99] - snare intro
14Typical Situation 14:29  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.24.99]
15Drive In Drive Out 6:37  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.24.99]
16Pantala Naga Pampa »0:43  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.23.99]
Rapunzel 7:25  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.23.99]
17Cry Freedom 6:25  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.22.99]
18#41 9:50  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.23.99]
19Crash Into Me 5:50  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.23.99]
20Say Goodbye 10:33  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.22.99]
21#40 2:38  Carter, Dave, Stefan[06.22.99]
22Two Step 12:41  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.23.99]
23The Last Stop 14:18  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.22.99] - includes prelude
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