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Live Setlist
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Live Trax Vol. 47: 6.8.97 - Meadows Music Theatre - Hartford, CT
Announced February 28, 2019 and released 29 days later, which is the second shortest time between announce and release date for the Live Trax Series (behind Live Trax vol. 7 - 26 days).

Bela Fleck's introduction is omitted from the official release because the Seek Up > Two Step segue would have forced three discs if left intact.

Official Original DMB Release Notes:
6.8.97 in Hartford, CT.
Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, CT

The Live Trax Series returns to Meadows Music Theatre in Hartford, CT. In 1997 the band is savoring the success of two major label releases, with another release on the way. A midset Leave Me Praying (which becomes Don’t Drink the Water) gives the audience a preview of new works to come, even as it fades into a drum solo that takes us into a now-classic, Say Goodbye, featuring beautiful work by LeRoi Moore on the flute. Long-time friend, Bela Fleck, is a guest on banjo and adds to the sound of the band’s current catalogue, trading licks with bandmate Jeff Coffin on #41 and sitting in on a string of other songs.

Please note this item is available for pre-order. CDs will ship on or around March 27 and all downloads will be delivered via email on March 29.

The color hex code for the Live Trax Vol. 47 ribbon is #f86845.
Song Title  Time  Personnel  Notes
1One Sweet World 9:12  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.08.97] - Instrumental intro; swim naked outro
2The Best of What's Around 6:05  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.08.97]
3Jimi Thing 14:45  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.08.97]
4Crash Into Me 5:50  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.08.97] - "Crash Into You" on tracklist
5Lie in Our Graves 10:41  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Béla Fleck, Boyd, Roi[06.08.97] - instrumental Dance Away outro
6Seek Up »15:11  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Béla Fleck, Boyd, Roi[06.08.97]
7Two Step 12:48  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Béla Fleck, Boyd, Roi[06.08.97]
8#41 14:26  Carter, Dave, Jeff, Stefan, Béla Fleck, Boyd, Roi[06.08.97] - Sojourn of Arjuna interpolation
9Leave Me Praying »5:52  Carter, Dave, Stefan[06.08.97] - first time played full band; This Land Is Your Land interpolation
10Say Goodbye 8:45  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.08.97]
11Ants Marching 7:59  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Béla Fleck, Boyd, Roi[06.08.97] - snare intro
12Tripping Billies 8:00  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Béla Fleck, Boyd, Roi[06.08.97] - includes prelude with lyrics; Nature Intro
13Lover Lay Down 8:18  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Roi[06.08.97] - The Way You Look Tonight interpolation
14So Much to Say »4:15  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.08.97] - Dave begins the riff, then stops and mentions that the song is dedicated to Tucker from Tara,
a couple who met at the previous year's show and married the previous day.
Anyone Seen the Bridge »1:23  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.08.97]
15Too Much 5:01  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.08.97]
16Drive In Drive Out 6:44  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[06.08.97]
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