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Live Setlist
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Live Trax Vol. 20: 8.19.93 - Wetlands Preserve - New York, NY
Announced March 17, 2011 as part of the Warehouse Membership Package announcement to celebrate 20 years of the band. Reports of members receiving their package began around May 15, 2011 but there is not a firm release date due to the manner of release.

It was made available for purchase on the band's website on/around August 11, 2011.

Official Original DMB Release Notes:

The Warehouse is preparing for the mailing of the annual membership package and expects to begin mailing the packages soon. All members that joined or renewed in 2010 will receive the package. Please note that the 2011 package will be developed later this year and will ship in early 2012 to all members that join or renew this calendar year.

This year, we're planning something extra special. To celebrate the band's 20 years of performing together, we've selected a particularly prized show from the archive for DMB's 20th Live Trax. In addition to the Warehouse 5/8 CD this year, all members eligible for the 2010 package will receive a copy of the 2-CD Live Trax set in their membership packages.

Live Trax Volume 20: 8.19.93 Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY is the earliest show in the Live Trax series that we've been able to mix from multi-track. The historic, now defunct Wetlands Preserve has a neat history rooted in philanthropy and is one of the first NYC venues that DMB played. Highlights include a great run of songs, Dancing Nancies > Typical Situation>Blue Water on the setlist featuring longtime friend, Warren Haynes. Blue Water features Boyd and Warren weaving licks together with violin and slide. Best of What's Around as a closer is pretty rare and all in all, we just really love this high energy show from the early days.

The color hex code for the Live Trax Vol. 20 ribbon is #8e9a44.
Song Title  Time  Personnel  Notes
1Satellite 5:36  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[08.19.93] - includes prelude (official release fades in toward end of prelude); several members of the crowd chant "Love! Baby!" throughout the instrumental sections of the song
2Ants Marching 5:37  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[08.19.93] - direct intro
3Granny 4:32  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[08.19.93]
4Recently 9:29  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[08.19.93]
5One Sweet World 8:05  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[08.19.93] - instrumental intro
6Seek Up 15:13  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[08.19.93]
7The Song That Jane Likes 3:48  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[08.19.93]
8True Reflections 9:02  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi, Warren Haynes[08.19.93]
9All Along the Watchtower 7:34  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi, Warren Haynes[08.19.93]
10Tripping Billies 6:51  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[08.19.93] - Nature intro with lyrics
11Lie in Our Graves 6:05  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[08.19.93] - The Woody Woodpecker Song and Jarabe Tapatío interpolations; Dance Away outro
12Warehouse 8:35  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[08.19.93] - Ring Around the Rosie interpolation
13Dancing Nancies 12:09  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi, Warren Haynes[08.19.93]
14Typical Situation 10:31  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi, Warren Haynes[08.19.93]
15Blue Water 12:19  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Warren Haynes[08.19.93]
16The Best of What's Around 6:41  Carter, Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi[08.19.93]
17Christmas Song 5:19  Dave Solo[08.19.93]
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