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Kit Kat Jam (Main Song Page)
7/20/2002 alternate lyrics

Oh, trouble come, and trouble carry you away
out of the fog and all, on my lonely way
what will you do when all the gold turns to gray?
know that your body lied and light your own way home

Holding the hair lines of all in this wrong
it's not the nature of things to grow old
surely mistake the way we hate and fade away
all that we done and all the plastic man is born again

And open all of the gardens, they lie in its way
remember when were just naked monkeys running away from it
but oh, the roll the storm out, and now we think we censoring all of it
but be sure, as went the dinosaur, we'll make our way well out of here

Hold it to there, we could build it better still
and what we cannot say, we could cover in frills
oh well, the gods collected their thoughts' final draw
decided to let the man go the way of the dodo

And all the king's horses and all of the king's men came
gathered around that broken egg and thought, what the fuck do we do with him, oh
I don't know, oh, roll your way out, we'll tell them there's no plan to fix this mess
but I could fry up a big egg, and we could feed the hungry for just one evening

And all the love raise up
the wise I play, a girl half of the day
so I'll come for
bring back all you old and soul
the soldiers came back and by
Kit Kat Jam
main lyrics
[Lillywhite Sessions]

Hey, golden girl with your hair swinging down
all of this love you have going round
what will you do when the gold turns to gray?
have you thought now, well, what the hey, give us some

Cover yourself with the safety of lies
you'll find it's easier 'til you face dying
oh, sweetest smile in a confident come along
all of this longing you will done

Up and out, goes to your heart, and you will weep
make yourself higher up, little fool, and love
and go down and pay to go on up, we'll lie on water, and
oh, on the way back I slip on the ceiling

Caught you just then, hands were in the cookie jar
how could we share when you sneak off and go?
I've no intention of losing by beard
how they design and then we go again, oh

Oh, God, and the horses were raging, and, oh
bring me down, couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again, now the wall
won't hold any limb, I walk in the slide, wait and reach
your lady out, this is the short woman, short little lay in

Oh, let her leave my hand, I've given up
whoa, how now I lay, and now
believe, oh, let me down
oh way down, over me down with you lying
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