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Raven (Main Song Page)
7/13/2000 alternate lyrics

rise and string along
the future is a mess
like living long and hard
oh the ending is the best
don't you love like razor
sharpest at the edge
like to live like a big dog does
when the bone goes through his head

so the greed of love is all
won't you give it to lighten
oh little lady would you delight to get on
made her all of this you bet you caught yours
not to live within your destined roll in your life
i got this number too

fall then tossed away
reason is all our wings could brave again
fly black winged bird go away
leave me to my disgrace

oh no lay here all alone sit around and
say your best is always not your best
you got so long
my motive yeah yeah
is normal i promise you
the heaven that i promised you
won't mean i know this all this right once you do

hatred greed it's all a lie
they're digging into the end
oh fill your belly fat man
the food is your best friend
wave your life of bleak yeah
won't you give up life
son is that shit you're living in
it's the best of all you got

the best of all you got

oh you laid up lazies
the anger struck the strike
wonder the reason
the future is a mess

rained on raven pay me
won't you keep live your life
and open you up and let me out
cut it up with your knife

bought then tossed away
read oh the greed
makes fat man slip away
oh no i don't explain war
the world's such a big place

oh oh no i've lost myself again, again, again
baby find me i'm teetering off of the end, the end, the end
walk on over then you all love your high
man i got the mirrors
but you turned your back on me
i've got no place where i could hide

so crazy love
won't you give it to lighten
oh rain on me rain
man get into the light
neighbors all have been talking
they're watching through the window
seen you burn down one and another
oh boy it's off to jail you go

bought then tossed away
good boy oh the soul that's lost is found today
just likes to dream away
oh this high makes him feel okay

oh oh lay here
praying only love you love he sewed you up
and made you whole today
oh i guess my i've had it wrong
oh my love is real here
i'm back inside my head for life
but all i do is dream that maybe
you'll be the one to save me darling i really do
main lyrics
[Busted Stuff version]

What you got what you got in your hand? a father said to son
I got the whole world here Daddy between my fingers and my thumb
Well you take care of it please—it's the only one
Well it would take me a lifetime old man to undo what you've done
Oh come on now boy thing—what would Jesus do?
He shake his head like an angry mother
Smoke the boy and say I did what I could do
But you take care of it please
It's the only one you got
And it'd take ten lifetimes boy to undo what I've done
Boy shrugged walked away
The man stood and watched as he was leaving
Boy just walked away
The man stood alone thinking
One hand is bleeding and the other hand holds a gun
While everything is open everything is shut down, down, down
Begin to ending is really
Just a go round and round and round
As I stand here—the ground beneath is nothing more than one point of view
What you got what you got in your hand?
Your secret's safe with me
Well I found the truth friend
Let me whisper in your ear
Take good care of it please
It's the only one there is
Can I twist it please can I give it just a little twist
One hand is open and the other hand holds the gun
Everything is open
Now is everything coming down, down, down
No one is hoping, even if you know
You never know it all
Nothing more than my point of view
Boy shrugged walked away
The man stood and watched as he was leaving
The man stood there twisting

[2000 Studio Session version]

Rise and graze on this
the future is a mess
oh, will you take this thing
from us we give it in
no longer yet, oh oh no
won't you got your thing
I cheer then hesitate from
one other thing

One other thing
count out the radiant life
won't you give in now
out of the reasons
let a light is rushed

Stone and gate is lay
won't you got your lips
live up to your dreams and give
wondering you're over there

Dark then tossed away
breach all yourself
on love is a gaze
gone then tossed away
read the best you can and in

Oh I'll lay here
don't give up till you're down, down, down
they don't kneel
heaven's all underground
can we leave all
the lord knows it's all dark
rain is it you see this
I have to say it's nothing more than
my point of view

This pride reigns for a girl
she slides across the floor
looks good as an angel
how much I want some more

She's all needed to me
best thing I can come
what's all been played with me
the sweetest one of all
yeah the sweetest one of all

Come on raven give it up
won't you get it the light up
knowledge waiting
here like a dead log
when I say this I mean all
won't you go with your head
live life till you don't need any
but don't give up a bit

Fall then tossed away
oh, don't you give up
just a little stray
gone, then tossed away
read, God is on the page

Pray on word
have you say you get down, down, down
oh, we leave here
we need more love round, and round, and round
oh won't let it go on, oh man cower down be down
here no worry, to rest they say nothing more than I wouldn't do

Can't leave us alone to die, no
would you give your love
light up a way aha
if you like to live it down on it
won't let you down here
would you get you're locked up
we have to raise it up, to spread around the place

God got locked away
no, don't place any time
we walk away
then rise up your wings
read way out of the watch

Growing lady
oh the one gone round, and round, and round
lay down near you
but who be down no no down there
pray that we don't, we don't, we don't
who would leave this
I have to say it's nothing more than
my point of view
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