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Little Thing (Main Song Page)
4/30/1996 alternate lyrics

Hey, I was - I was up in New York, I was
finishing off some vocals in January. Um and uh,
the vocals on this record, and uh, and then I was
- had a couple free hours so I, I was walking
down the street looking for something, I can't
remember what it was that I was looking for.
There's a whole lot of stuff in New York City. So
uh, anyway I knew what I wanted to do, but I
couldn't find the place, so I went up to this
girl at the bus stop. And I said, "Hello. I'm
lost and I need your help, please." And she
said, uh, she said, "Well you just go this way,
and then you go that way," and I said, "Thank you
very much," I turned around and I headed on my
way. 'Bout twenty paces, I stopped, I stopped
and um, I stopped and I thought to myself, I
thought um, "This is a beautiful girl, this is a
beautiful girl." And uh, "I hope she's got a
little time for me." So I turned around, and I
turned around and I said to her - I was gonna say
to her, I was planning to say, "Baby, you're
looking so nice. You think maybe we could hook
up and go get some coffee or something?" So, so
I turned around I walked back up to her, 'cause I
was thinking,

"Damn she was so fine."
The girl by the bus stop that time
I wonder does she think of me from time to time
the five minute relation I ___ life
I sit in my room with her face
her eyes looking up at me
supplying me with directions I need
her voice oh it echoes, echoes,
echoes through my head
and I hope she returns while I wait hour after hour
for her to come along and see me again
do - does she think of me?
oh does she play with me?
is my face stuck in her mind like hers is in mine?
I wonder for sure
I wonder wish so and

rain on me
oh the girl I saw shine so
under ?lying?
oh will she think of me?
does she when she gets alone away?

Please, oh, I only got to see you
oh how I'd like to taste
and twist up inside you
oh, how I'd like to rake you in
and bleed you please, please
come back and

rain on my head
oh, rain down on me again and again
under my head
all I dream, all I dream I see you
Oh I yeah
my girl, so don't leave me this time

she echo... echo... echo...
?don't tell?
oh please don't disregard me, no

Way I have
oh please ?dome see, dome see?
underwater oh I love and dream
I'd weep for you, I do, you I do
singing what on me? what on heart, limb and
oh I find you with
leave you see me, I've lost my right arm

Oh rain do you got, do you got,
do you got the time for me?
and do you got, do you got,
do you got the windows in your world?
do you got, do you got
the voice to hear me knocking at your door?
do you got, do you got
the time to hear me roar?

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