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Good Good Time (Main Song Page)
7/10/2004 alternate lyrics

Oh I said, I was driving with a friend just the other day
Down the sea an old man wrote a book and told a good story

So we sat and sipped the wine with him
We sat and had a good good time
And listened to wisdom of the old
'Cause they know what's on the line

"It's a good good time tonight"
Sitting there he said,
"It's a good thing to have good friends
Young and old the same."

Don't believe what ya say
Well style's ok, but you've got your style of your own
Don't listen to the tv, just make your own way home.

It's a good time tonight
Come maybe with you
And don't believe there's a light that's brighter
Than the one that shine's from you.

You're a good good time
A good time tonight, for sure
And roll up your feeling, let the whole thing roll on

It's got a bit of soul, got a bit of soul
Got a bit of soul in everyone
I'm telling you friend, telling you friend,
You got to shine on shine on.
Gotta shine on, shine on, yeah
Shine on, shine on.


He said that the brightest thing is the things at the borders
And you hear one thing, said
This is right sometimes you hear this is wrong
But in your heart you know
The truth it always shine on

Differences between you and me
Ah, but they can lie down
'Cause the wine taste good
And the dance is feelin' fine, fine, fine

Cuz we got a good good time tonight
And we're gonna have it here
Always good good friends your coming
Lay it on me.
Lay it all on me.
Lay it on me.


Don't worry about what's on your mind.
Feel alright here tonight
It's a good good time tonight
It's all a waste
Fill your head with good things
Fill your head my friend

Hope the stars
Hope the stars
The stars stay forever
I hope that I do too
Here tonight with ya'll
Here tonight with you

So cry cry cry, if that's what makes you
And laugh laugh laugh, if that's what does it to you
Cry cry cry, if that's what you need to
And laugh laugh laugh, if you in the mood
Cry cry cry, if that's what you got to do
And laugh laugh laugh, if you want me
Cry cry cry, if that's what you got to
Laugh. Laugh. Laugh.
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