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Good Good Time (Main Song Page)
7/2/2004 alternate lyrics received an e-mail from a concert goer about meeting Dave this night with her friend named Kelsey. She mentioned it was her birthday to him and asked to sing a song for her. Apparently, he did...

you, oh on my day
today’s your day kelsey lookin' good
brought a few friends
so happy birthday sweet kelsey
tonight we're gonna groove
thank you for stoppin' to say hello to me
and i’m found feelin' groove tonight
tonight, tonight it's a good good thing
that we are gone
we travel here every time, nobody alone
and tonight, it's a good good time
rollin' up this thing
all i wanted, and it's at the other end
to be your friend
because tonight, a good good time
we got one too
we'll get to the bottom of this bottle
and we'll drink another brew.
because tonight

oh i was walkin' no better yesterday
and i was wonderin' if at any time I would find a friend
then you came, and oh
you filled me up with laughter and with cheer
and i tell you i'd like to start this game all over again
it's a good, good time tonight, play it like it is
shake it up shake it up, if you can
you go to give i can't take that confused look off your face
and give it a ooley-dop ooley-dop shake
and if i can think of this song and the other words it'd be okay
because a good, good time tonight

i'll not soon forget tonight
no, no, no, i'll not soon forget this sight
tip that bottle up

i thank you so much for giving me this bed to rest my head
i sure don't need to be travelin' in the state I'm in
oh no two moons above my head and i am falling down
did you hear? brando is dead today
that sounds poor but, good dead tonight
come on dance with me, we could fall around, roll around
won’t you join me? it's ok if it fails
Nothings gonna happen…
Good Good Time
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