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Leave Me Praying (Main Song Page)
2/17/1997 alternate lyrics

Oh in excitement
home that we call this
but charged with a lie
of a line and as we go over
oh proud and strong
we cuttin' down the babies and mothers
and leave them to die while we
plant all over it
and call it home
I swear that the life it leaves me crazy
but still I should call it home
And nail this soil
as I live on this stolen land
and I love it like no other

and from that my grandfather would sing,
"a woman you charge
you're charging the trumpet calls
blow on your flute, pound on your drum, victory calls
oh no mother and no child could resist this army
drive on west
we will plant
we will grow the way we like"

when it rains on the sea
my heart is bleeding
but still I should call it home
and teach my babies
my son and my daughter
to love this place
and share it with no one...

and we stow it and we sell
and the drum goes on pounding here
And while I plant my wheat
I will hold my land dear
I will protect my ones
I will protect my golding
And I'll stand up on top and scream that I own it

but what of the spirit that
lies in the soil here why
oh then should I call it home

and then I will tell
my son and my daughters to hold it so dear
and share it with all, yea

and then I will tell
my sons and my daughters
to hold it dear
and share it with everyone

this land is your land
this land is my land
from California to the New York islands
from the redwood forest
to the gulf stream waters
this land was made for you and me...

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