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Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors (Main Song Page)
3/23/1993 alternate lyrics

It won't be soon but while we wait
and our reasons sew away
Then we crawl out of our holes into the open air
Take us so long we cry away
In corners they refill
I don’t know what I see
But I know its not fair
Baby, say you love me
I won't leave her waiting as anyone would
You call me up and say a lie, so sad
Take a moment/minute to come again
And now I’m watching by
And it's all into the old way back
We swing our hands in hope that everyone comes back
I don’t believe (what) you're saying
I don’t believe what your doing here
(You) tell me good intentions
Are what you hang from your tree
I don’t believe what you said
But walking by my door
I find all these smiling faces
Locked up and tired
Oh, the rhythm of an old song I heard
Wild and the freedom sail away
Again memories fall
Hey, we feel so cold

I really thought it was cool winter day
Not to buy
Everybody here done wrong
I say this one time yeah
They could do it for a week or more
Then their waiting by, I leave
I don’t care no matter what
I want anyone to pour their soul out in an open page
Crushed by a memory
So my happiness fell away
And tore my mind and darkness fell
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