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Looking at You (Main Song Page)
2/22/1997 alternate lyrics

If I had the word to make a day for you
I'd fill each hour with praises and shower you
if I held the sun inside my hands
I'd shine it bright inside your heart, oh for you

and I'd turn my praise and focus to the thought of you
and stand you there,
a statue in my soul forever

I dreamed I saw you dancing and I joined you there
and spun we did in the moon's warm light

know I dreamed that they take away everything that you held close and sorrowful for
I will love you like no man can and we will dance at the ide of love
I'll take the moon I'll take the sun from the starry sky
and decorate your nights with light and shadow like no other can, bright

I will dream of stealing you from all the things that bother and hurt you
you my love and only love alone

If I could make another day for you
and shadows taken all of you, and shadows taken all of you
and I can see my heart beat louder and my face grow warm
each time you stand by me my only love, ray on me

so if you your man and family do remember this the time we only caught short view
of each other while in some it shine
I will rake in each day and sell it to you
and sell it to you and sell it to you my love

no captain but you my love
no king but you
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