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Live Setlist
Tributes Played After Celebrities' Deaths
On the unfortunate occasion of a well-loved celebrity's death, Dave and/or the band has often performed a song in tribute. The performance dates have usually been shortly after the celebrity's passing, but some have waited until a more opportune time, such as when the band next played near the celebrity's hometown. They have usually been one-offs but have sometimes stuck around for more performances.

This List is a permanent home for the list formerly featured on our home page with the title "This is not the greatest song in the world."
Show Date Song Tribute to... Notes 
08.11.95Eyes of the WorldJerry Garcia (8.1.42–8.9.95)DMB
09.13.03Ring of FireJohnny Cash (2.26.32–9.12.03)Dave solo
08.07.04Super FreakRick James (2.1.48–8.6.04)DMB; partial, played instead of Anyone Seen the Bridge
06.26.09I'll Be ThereMichael Jackson (8.29.58–6.25.09)Dave solo; partial; omitted from official release
06.13.12Brass MonkeyMCA (8.5.64–5.4.12)DMB; partial; played instead of Anyone Seen the Bridge
05.07.16Sexy M.F.Prince (6.7.58–4.21.16)DMB; partial; interpolated in Jimi thing a few times in 1993 and nearly every time since 2009; continued to be played through 2021
05.31.17MelissaGregg Allman (12.8.47–5.27.17)Dave & Tim; previously played, usually with Allman; played a few more times in 2017
10.02.17Runnin' Down a DreamTom Petty (10.20.50–10.2.17)Dave solo; played regularly by DMB in 2013 and once more in 2018
07.05.19Right Place, Wrong TimeDr. John (11.20.41–6.6.19)DMB with Preservation Hall Jazz Band
04.09.20Speed of the Sound of LonelinessJohn Prine (10.10.46–4.7.20)Dave solo; played once more in 2023
08.24.21(I Can't Get No) SatisfactionCharlie Watts (6.2.41–8.24.21)DMB; preceded by a brief Brown Sugar / Bitch mashup intro; played a few more times in 2021
08.26.23The Price Is RightBob Barker (12.12.23–8.26.23)Rashawn; melody played quietly off-mic
09.02.23A Pirate Looks at FortyJimmy Buffett (12.25.46–9.1.23)DMB; previously played by Dave & Tim with Buffett and with Jack Johnson
09.02.23The WeightRobbie Robertson (7.5.43–8.9.23)DMB; previously played by DMB members guesting with other bands
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