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Little Thing (Main Song Page)
2/19/1996 alternate lyrics

So um ...

So y'all, uh, I've been telling—I told this story every night so far, so it's changed a little bit, just as
the nights go on. But anyway, I know I'm a, I'm a talking son of a bitch aren't I? Just talk my ass off.
Actually, I don't, I'm not a son of a bitch 'cause my mom is my favorite person in the world, and
so maybe I'm just a son of a sea cook.

Anyway, back to the, back to the, back to the, I was recording—we were finishing off the album up
in New York City, in the Big Apple. In between sessions I was walking down the street in uh, in uh,
SoHo, and, I was looking for some bookstore, some clothing, some antiques, I can't remember what I
was looking for. Anyway, there was this uh, there was this girl who looked like she knew what she
was doing, so I went up to her and I said, uh, "excuse me," um, "I'm looking for" whatever it was, I
don't remember, but, and she said, "oh, you just take a left, take a right" She told me how to get there.
I said thank you very much, and I walked away. And as I was walking away, I thought to myself

Damn... she was so fine...

And so I turned around again and I went back to her, or where she was, and she was gone

And I didn't even get her name,
I didn't even ask her maybe
if she wanted a cup of coffee
or to see me sometime
and I fear I'll never find her
I fear I'll never see her again
she had tiny lips and tiny fingers
and big eyes, and I thought
I can't get her out of my mind
I can't forget about her
her voice echoes through my head
echo, echo, echo, echo, echo, echo
at night when the walls are creeping in
the walls are creeping in around me
she haunts me like a ghost in a castle, she does
and I beg if I may, will she return to me someday
on the streets in a coincidental way

The way
I fear that I'll not see you again
oh, the one in my head
would you, could you
find your way back to me again?

I wait out
and your mouth is in mine, and
I fear you're nowhere to be found
while I stand here on the street
where we met, you and me
the girl who instructed me on
how to get where, I don't know where
don't disappear

Oh, rain on
oh, I hope you think of me this way
maybe I am, maybe I'm haunting you
the way you consume each hour of my day
well, I have, oh, well I have
dreams about you and you alone
oh I beg, I will beg you
would you find your way to this again

The little girl, little [?]
the little girl, little woman, little wonder
please don't go away forev-
please don't go away for-
please don't go away for-
please don't go and please don't

Weight on, I must find you some
weight on my head
the weight on my shoulders
greater than the weight of the world, little girl
now I have, that I have
oh yeah, I did, I did
that I have my weight

Haunting, haunting
will you be back?
will you come back?
will you be back?
oh, will you come back?
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