New Years Run 1996
A song checklist shows a very general view of which songs were played when during a tour. The vertical columns indicate shows, and the horizontal columns indicate songs. The color of each marked cell indicates a where in the setlist that song was played, and the numbers indicate the number of times that song was played in the tour up to that point.

Color Legend
Set Opener
Set Closer
Set 1 Closer
Set 2 Opener
Second Encore
All Along the Watchtower    1All Along the Watchtower
Ants Marching12345Ants Marching
Anyone Seen the Bridge12345Anyone Seen the Bridge
Carter and Futureman Drum Duet    1Carter and Futureman Drum Duet
Christmas Song1    Christmas Song
Crash Into Me12345Crash Into Me
Dancing Nancies12345Dancing Nancies
Deed Is DoneT T  Deed Is Done
Granny  1  Granny
Hail to the Redskins  T  Hail to the Redskins
Help Myself1  2 Help Myself
Improv/Jam   12Improv/Jam
Jimi Thing 1 2 Jimi Thing
Let You Down1    Let You Down
Lie in Our Graves12345Lie in Our Graves
Recently1  2 Recently
Rhyme & Reason 12 3Rhyme & Reason
Satellite1 234Satellite
Say Goodbye12345Say Goodbye
Seek Up 1  2Seek Up
So Much to Say12345So Much to Say
Song That Jane Likes, The 12  Song That Jane Likes, The
Too Much12345Too Much
Tripping Billies12345Tripping Billies
Two Step12345Two Step
Typical Situation12345Typical Situation
Warehouse  1 2Warehouse