Misc 1994
A song checklist shows a very general view of which songs where played when during a tour. The vertical columns indicate shows, and the horizontal columns indicate songs. The color of each marked cell indicates a where in the setlist that song was played, and the numbers indicate the number of times that song was played in the tour up to that point.

Color Legend
Set Closer
Main Set
= Dave Solo
Ants Marching1   Ants Marching
Best of What's Around, The 12 Best of What's Around, The
Cry Freedom  1 Cry Freedom
Dancing Nancies 123Dancing Nancies
Drive In Drive Out   1Drive In Drive Out
Get in Line   TGet in Line
Granny   1Granny
I'll Back You Up 1  I'll Back You Up
Jimi Thing   1Jimi Thing
Lie in Our Graves 1  Lie in Our Graves
Minarets1   Minarets
One Sweet World1   One Sweet World
Pay for What You Get  1 Pay for What You Get
Recently12 RRecently
Satellite 1  Satellite
Say Goodbye   1Say Goodbye
Seek Up1   Seek Up
Spotlight   TSpotlight
Tripping Billies1 2 Tripping Billies
True Reflections1   True Reflections
Two Step1  2Two Step
Water into Wine   1Water into Wine
What Will Become of Me   1What Will Become of Me