Misc 2013
A song checklist shows a very general view of which songs where played when during a tour. The vertical columns indicate shows, and the horizontal columns indicate songs. The color of each marked cell indicates a where in the setlist that song was played, and the numbers indicate the number of times that song was played in the tour up to that point.

Color Legend
Set Closer
Main Set
= Dave Solo
#41     1 2  3#41
(Don't Fear) The Reaper   1       (Don't Fear) The Reaper
All Along the Watchtower      1    All Along the Watchtower
American Pie   T       American Pie
Ants Marching    1  2   Ants Marching
Awake   1       Awake
Belly Belly Nice    1234   Belly Belly Nice
Big Bottom   1       Big Bottom
Blister in the Sun1          Blister in the Sun
Burning Love1          Burning Love
Center of Attention   1       Center of Attention
Cheap Sunglasses1          Cheap Sunglasses
Clampdown1          Clampdown
Come Together1  2       Come Together
Corn Bread     1    2Corn Bread
Crush    123    Crush
Dancing Nancies      1    Dancing Nancies
Dancing with Myself1  2       Dancing with Myself
Destroyer1          Destroyer
Don't Drink the Water     123   Don't Drink the Water
Drive In Drive Out    1      Drive In Drive Out
Eh Hee    123    Eh Hee
Everyday    1      Everyday
Fire1          Fire
Five to One1          Five to One
Funny the Way It Is     1     Funny the Way It Is
Gaucho     1     Gaucho
Grace Is Gone          1Grace Is Gone
Gravedigger      1    Gravedigger
Grey Street    1 23   Grey Street
Hey Hey What Can I Do   1       Hey Hey What Can I Do
Highway to Hell   1       Highway to Hell
I Remember You   1       I Remember You
I Wanna Be Sedated12         I Wanna Be Sedated
I Wanna Rock   1       I Wanna Rock
If Only    1 2   3If Only
Improv jam   1       Improv jam
It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)   1       It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
Jimi Thing    1234   Jimi Thing
Just What I Needed   1       Just What I Needed
Let's Dance   1       Let's Dance
Louisiana Bayou       1   Louisiana Bayou
Mercy     12    Mercy
Miss You   1       Miss You
Mother's Little Helper1          Mother's Little Helper
Pantala Naga Pampa     12    Pantala Naga Pampa
Pinch Me   1       Pinch Me
Pretty Vacant1          Pretty Vacant
Proudest Monkey    1  2   Proudest Monkey
Psycho Killer   1       Psycho Killer
Rapunzel     12    Rapunzel
Revolution12         Revolution
Riff, The    1      Riff, The
Rock You Like a Hurricane   1       Rock You Like a Hurricane
Rooftop    1234   Rooftop
Round and Round [Ratt]   1       Round and Round [Ratt]
Runnin' Down a Dream1  2       Runnin' Down a Dream
Satellite    1      Satellite
Saturday Night Special1          Saturday Night Special
Save Me          1Save Me
Seven    1234   Seven
Shake Me Like a Monkey    1234   Shake Me Like a Monkey
Shimmer   1       Shimmer
Should I Stay or Should I Go12         Should I Stay or Should I Go
Since We First Met   1       Since We First Met
So Damn Lucky          1So Damn Lucky
Soul Shakedown1          Soul Shakedown
Space Between, The    1 2    Space Between, The
Spaceman      1    Spaceman
Squirm      1    Squirm
Still Water       T   Still Water
Sweet Child o' Mine   1       Sweet Child o' Mine
Sweet Emotion1          Sweet Emotion
Take Me to Tomorrow    1      Take Me to Tomorrow
Time12         Time
Two Step     1    2Two Step
Warehouse    1 2    Warehouse
We're Not Gonna Take It   1       We're Not Gonna Take It
What Would You Say    1234   What Would You Say
Why I Am     1     Why I Am
You & Me    1  2   You & Me
Youth Gone Wild   1       Youth Gone Wild