Misc Guesting 2014
A song checklist shows a very general view of which songs were played when during a tour. The vertical columns indicate shows, and the horizontal columns indicate songs. The color of each marked cell indicates a where in the setlist that song was played, and the numbers indicate the number of times that song was played in the tour up to that point.

Color Legend
Set Opener
Set Closer
Set 1 Closer
Set 2 Opener
Second Encore
Ain't No More Cane1  Ain't No More Cane
Asimbonanga 1 Asimbonanga
Broken ArrowR  Broken Arrow
Chest Fever1  Chest Fever
Cry Freedom  1Cry Freedom
Deal1  Deal
Dear Mr. Fantasy1  Dear Mr. Fantasy
Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes  1Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
Endless Highway1  Endless Highway
Franklin's Tower1  Franklin's Tower
Help on the Way1  Help on the Way
Here Comes Sunshine1  Here Comes Sunshine
Hurt1  Hurt
Improv jam1  Improv jam
In the Attics of My Life1  In the Attics of My Life
Look at Miss Ohio1  Look at Miss Ohio
Mercy 1 Mercy
Mountain Song1  Mountain Song
New Potato Caboose1  New Potato Caboose
Pata Pata 1 Pata Pata
SlipknotR  Slipknot
St. Stephen1  St. Stephen
Stagger Lee1  Stagger Lee
Sugar Man 1 Sugar Man
Sugaree1  Sugaree
Weeping 1 Weeping